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Some details on the stuff we are currently working on for our next release!

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Hey guys,

We are working diligently towards our next 1.2 release.

The 1.2 release will be featuring:
- A decal system; scorched earth, improved tank tracks
- More particle effects; explosions, dust trails & smoke
- Post processing effects: adaptive bloom, depth of field etc.
- Level of detail system, for better performance
- Improved tank hangar, with a new look and a new slick metal track playing on the background
- Spectator camera, follow that bastard that shot you down previously, to get some insight in his play style
- Several bug fixes (including working fullscreen ALT + TAB)
- Ingame sound / control options (graphical options only available in main menu)
- Some other graphical improvements

Here's a sample of our new tank hangar music for when you are assembling your own tank!

And here are some screens

The new tank hangar

The tank hangar

Decals and particle effects

Decals and particle effects

Motion blur in third person

Motion blur in first person

Adaptive bloom and new tree textures

Spectator camera

All in one action shot

We hope to see you online soon! ^^

Any ideas on what we should implement in future releases? Post a comment! We want to create a game YOU want to play!

Catch you on the flip side.

Erelas out.

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