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Basic information regarding the Legion Expansion mod for Planetary Annihilation, aka the Legion Faction Mod.

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So here we are, finally have a moddb page. Took a bit of time to get around to it due to wanting a bit of media to post, but mayaswell get it up and stop delaying.

Anyway for those of you who have not seen this mod before, as mentioned in our summary our goal is to add an entirely new faction to PA. Think different as in how the ARM are different to Core in good old TA or how the UEF are different from the Cybran in Supreme Commander.

Anyway the mod is nearing completion, we have been working on it for a long time now. The project was started by me back in the early days of PA when I was doing the models for Orbital Warfare Overhaul all the way to today where our team is surprisingly large now. If you said back in the day that I would end up working with this large a team of passionate PA modders I would have called you crazy.

Anyway T1 balance is in a good state right now and most if not all the models for T1 are done (I'm horrible at keeping track of these things). T2 most of the models for it are done, but balance for that is basically non-existant currently. And orbital I have to get a few models done, but for the first few releases I will likely end up using my models from Orbital Warfare Overhaul until I can get some more ideas going.

Anyway the release of the project is not too far away. Don't ask for a date though as predictions are always changing.

Will post some more screenshots and general information soon.

You can also follow our mod over on the Planetary Annihilation forums through the below link:

Some more screenshots below, everything here is still somewhat subject to change, especially considering these are some screenshots from an older build:

(Here you can find the T1 theodor artillery piece alongside some metal extractors "both T1 and T2" with the omni storage silo and T1 energy plants in the distance)


(Alongside the metal extractors you can find our basic T1 turret and a group of tanks consisting mainly of shotgun tanks, T2 rocket hover tanks and T2 Broadsword tanks in the far back)


(Lastly we have a shot of some of our T1 bots or walkers 'as they are referred to in this faction'. here there is a mix of aa bots and your basic dox like peacekeeper bot.)


[FAQ] (List will be updated as people ask more questions).

Q. When will the mod be done.
A.When it's done. (aiming between September and November can't promise anything though. Scratch that PA Titans has thrown that plan out of the window. This is both good and bad as we can implement more unique content, but bad in that I have no idea when we will release a test or offical build. Estimated very early 2016 so Q1 some time I think, if all goes to plan.)

Q.Will this mod change vanilla balance.
A. Short answer, NO. Long answer, we are aiming to build upon what Uber has given us with vanilla and will not be making any balance changes to how the vanilla faction and economy works. This is a seperate faction with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Vanilla faction plays exactly as before.

[Main Team]
Nicb1 : Project Lead, Main 3D model artist.
Crembels : Concept artist.
KillerKiwiJuice : Main Coder, FX guy, Texture artist
mgmetal13 : Assisting Kiwi with learning new software also texture artist.
Quitch : Resident AI coder.
zx0 : Texture artist.
Alpha2546 : FX artist.
xankar : Balance guy

emraldis For giving me the basic code and showing me how to change a com unit set.
stuart98 For giving advice on some code related stuff and helping with bugs.

(We've had so many people that have helped out with the project so I may have missed a name or two, let me know if I have not listed you)

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