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For some time now, we did not keep you updated of our advancement with Untold Universe. As a matter of fact, we are working on stuff we can not really show right now, but here are some news about the project.

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Hello everybody,

During the last month, we worked a lot on making it to the first user tests of Untold Universe. Thus, we are implementing gameplay features such as ground fight and spaceship piloting, and are working a lot on the game servers. These features should be ready in a first version in around two weeks, but some other things were done and we would like to show them to you!


The most important choice we made lately was to switch from simple cubes to build our world to half-cubes, divided by two on the vertical axis. This being applied to every kind of cubes in the world, from dirt to metal. Why half cubes? Actually, for different reasons:

  • We thought that the terrain movement was not fluid enough. Half-cubes allow you to navigate through the world without constantly jumping.
  • When trying to build spaceships and buildings, we often had a hard time doing what we wanted to do on a limited space, mainly because of the lack of precision on the vertical axis.
  • The planets were tiny but the features very high, which was unbalanced and sometimes ugly.

Here are some pictures of the result:

The world is now made of half size cubesThe world is now made of half size cubes
The world is now made of half size cubesThe world is now made of half size cubes

On these pictures, you can see two other new things, being the dummy model for players and some new ground building textures!

Of course the game still lets you drop plain cubes if you want. Also notice that the textures of some half cubes join when you put one on top of another. What do you think about this choice? Is it interesting or absolutely useless in your opinion?

Servers tweaking

Making the servers ready for deployment took us some time, mostly due to the work we did on security (around users account) and the implementation of the new gameplay features. Now they are almost ready, and we hope to come back to you soon with some actual in-game footages !

See you soon!


No, they aren't "slabs". These are HALF-CUBES!!! Pretty nice choice for all those problems with building :D

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FenrisLS Author

Slabs are too mainstream ;) Thank you!

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Behold minecraft but only with half cubes

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And spaceships :D

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you should also make a solo mode, or something similar like a lan based or something o3o

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