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We recently launched our early Alpha and spent a lot of time on it, while our artist was working hard!

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Hello everybody,

Alpha launch and forums

As some might have noticed, we recently launched our early Alpha!
With only 20 players right now, we are starting small, but we will expand the number of players testing in the next months, depending of how our servers resist the load. There is not much to show here about it yet, and I invite you to read our blog post here if you want to know more.

Do not hesitate to come by our forums to discuss if you want, as we just opened them!

This launch helped us raise many issues on different platforms and OS early, and we are currently working on fixing them. That's why we delayed a bit main features like spaceships, so we can insure our foundations are strong!

64bits textures and first spaceships textures

As developers were working on the servers for the Alpha, our artist worked on changing the resolution of our textures from 32bits to 64bits, and made some first textures for spaceships blocks.
On the following screens, you will see that beaches and trees disappeared, we are working on it ;)

64bits textures, spaceship textures test64bits textures, spaceship textures test64bits textures, spaceship textures test64bits textures, spaceship textures test

We hope you will like these changes!

We will keep you updated with the progress of the Alpha,
See you soon!

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