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Hey all quick update, The UNSC has been added for the launch factions, with the Banished and Sentinels being planned for a future update. Heroes for the UNSC will be Johnson, Keyes, and Chief (I'll be adding the photos in a few days, I need to work out some issues I'm having with the models).

Tons of classic halo emblems have been added for customization, giving it more of that "halo" presentation. Maps will also very *slowly* be remade overtime for both campaign and multiplayer, with a few classic halo set pieces and maps making there way to the mod.

Finally I've been able to reach out to some nice folks who are helping me figure out how in the world to import models into the game, so while I can't give a date I hope to have some game play footage to show in the future. For now that's all I got! Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya in the next update, bye for now!

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This is going to be AWSOME.

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