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Complete list of bugfixes in the Unofficial LE2 Patch.

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  • Opacity of hair and facial hair corrected.
  • Communications animation corrected.
  • Misaligned medigel dispenser mesh corrected.
  • Flashbang Grenades and Inferno Grenades unlock correctly for NG+.
  • Stasis unlocks correctly as a bonus power in tech lab, and for NG+, after completing Lair of the Shadow Broker.
  • Fixed softlock when triggering romance scenes post-Suicide Mission.
  • Male quarians can now blink.
  • Biotic effects apply correctly to Samara’s body.
  • VFX effects can now be properly applied to vorcha (freezing, burning, beserker, etc.)
  • Vorcha eyes no longer pop out of their sockets.
  • The Illusive Man’s floor will now correctly reflect light sources, including the blue sun in the paragon ending (note this is a true fix as compared to the initial beta release, which darkened the floor in some scenes).
  • Dust particles updated to remastered counterparts in various locations which had been missed, so that dust will now be visible as intended. Improvements made as of so that dust will not fade on approach. This includes so far all of Omega, Purgatory, the Collector Ship, Aratoth, Project Base, Aeia, Illium, Citadel, Shadow Broker Ship, Bekenstein, Migrant Fleet and Haestrom. Additional locations will be addressed in future updates.
  • Pink visors on helmets (most notably Blue Suns Pyros) have been fixed.
  • Fixed warped textures on female Eclipse corpses.
  • Glasses won’t change opacity levels when on tables vs when held (you can now see glowing alcohol in the glass as it’s being poured).
  • Codex fixes: Thermal Clips, Grenade Launcher, Drell and Occuli will now trigger correctly.
  • Corrected the Incisor Rifle texture in the codex.
  • News items referencing research conducted on Nirali Bhatia’s body, and Shepard’s Pinnacle Station record have been restored (requires ULE2P to be installed when LE1 save is imported; Pinnacle Station news item requires playing LE1 with the Pinnacle Station DLC mod).
  • Visibility of tears and running mascara corrected in various places (Jack’s romance scene, Thane’s romance scene, Kolyat, Nef’s mother, Erinya).
  • Thane no longer has incorrectly placed wrinkles on the bridge of his nose during some scenes.
  • Modifications to existing conditionals so that if Shepard’s love interest dies during the Suicide Mission s/he won’t be locked out of pursuing a relationship with another character.
  • Female Blood Dragon armour visor will glow, consistent with male version.
  • Correct Death Mask mesh will now be used for female Shepards.
  • Default Male Shepard’s neckline will no longer clip with the Capacitor Armor torso.
  • Fixed wrong strp texture assigned to Strength Boost Pads for Male Shepards.
  • Corrections to door control norm textures during the prologue, the Normandy crash site and Zaeed's loyalty mission.
  • Lenses in the HMM_HAT_Glf_MDL glasses mesh are no longer opaque (consistent with LE1 and the female version).
  • Corrected shadows and UV mapping conflicts on many Omega doors.
  • ChairReclining01 now uses the remastered material from LE1, which includes and emissive light effect.
  • Extensive corrections to level collision and cover systems so the visible layout corresponds with what is expected.
  • Standardised resolution and framerate of screens and holograms throughout the game, to meet Legendary Edition remaster defaults.
  • Launcher displays correct Cerberus uniforms.
  • Photo mode disappears when the “Exit Game” dialogue box is shown on the pause screen.
  • Anderson and Udina and alien councilor title consistency in subtitles.
  • Ashley’s hair material has been fixed and now shows effects.
  • Fixed broken scalp imports.
  • Morinth’s passive ability no longer reverts to Samara’s passive ability’s descriptive text when evolved.
  • Flashbang Grenade VFX now rendered in 1080p.
  • Pausing while shockwave power is in progress no longer breaks the shockwave.
  • Fixed intermittent graphical glitch on the HUD when telling squadmates to change weapons.
  • Fixed hand seam on CTHe male NPC outfit.
  • “Cute” hairstyle is no longer flipped.
  • Corrected the image shown when importing an ME1 save so this no longer shows an image of Maji.
  • Save game image for the Normandy no longer shows incorrectly dressed Cerberus crew or T-posing Kelly.
  • Alliance Shuttle model is no longer incorrectly referred to as the Kodiak UT-47.
  • Cleanup of romance bool checks during the reunion with the Virmire Survivor on Horizon to future proof against bugs for game states where both Kaidan and Ashley might be alive.
  • Status of Wrex will not appear on the Service History import screen and note he survived Virmire if he was not recruited.
  • Various typos.

Samara Effects


  • Numerous floating, misplaced and/or misaligned props fixed, as well as lighting corrections.
  • Asari no longer have human hands.
  • All NPCs cast shadows at correct LODs.
  • Hanar speech effect no longer permanently active.
  • Inappropriate NPC outfits corrected (i.e. officer caps on civilians/incorrect eyebrows/wrong materials).
  • Female C-Sec officers wear the correct uniform.
  • Misaligned keyboards on store interfaces corrected.
  • Dark Star bartender’s jaw texture fixed.
  • Emily Wong’s video will no longer freeze a few seconds into the news item.
  • Fixed broken screen in C-Sec office that showed either a green void, or Emily Wong’s news reports if they were selected elsewhere.
  • Additional line restored during the interview with Khalisah Al-Jilani for Shepards who were only moderately successful in the LE1 interview (requires ULE2P to be installed when LE1 save is imported.)
  • Streaming adjustments to prevent NPCs popping in and out of existence.
  • Corrected handrail heights across all of Zakera.
  • Corrected Saronis Applications notification texts.
  • No more random cube in the Presidium lake.
  • Fixed missing lighting at Rodam Expeditions’ floor entrance.
  • Fixed rare softlock that could be triggered by exiting and then quickly re-entering the conversation with the bartender in order to finish getting drunk.
  • Groundskeeper’s ambient dialogue will trigger correctly after completing the Krogan Sushi quest.
  • Burgat Advertisement will give locations that Shepard has actually visited and will update over time.
  • Educational Advertisement will correctly recognise Shepard’s class.
  • Dark Star Advertisement actors will no longer turn their backs to the camera under certain circumstances.
  • Lighting during the conversation between Anderson and Shepard no longer shifts levels rapidly between certain conversation options.
  • The False Positives sidequest (Asari unable to travel) will correctly activate on all dialogue paths.
  • Option to ask about the Shepard VI won’t disappear from Mouse’s dialogue tree.
  • Mouse’s ambient lines will not cut off abruptly when Shepard leaves.
  • Restored lipsync and facial animation to the salarian game salesman.
  • Fast travel to Level 28 no longer takes at least 15 seconds.
  • Out of bounds room from which Emily Wong broadcasts is no longer visible from the car park.
  • When using spectre authority to remove the stranded asari from a no-fly list, the asari’s eyes will no longer roll into the back of her skull when she thanks Shepard.
  • Mouse’s datapad will no longer be invisible during ambient animations if approached via rapid transport rather than the stairs.

Glass Opacity


  • Illium landing movie will play every time the Normandy docks.
  • Illium departure movie is skippable.
  • Fixed purchase drink notifications.
  • All NPCs cast shadows at correct LODs.
  • Kestrel Armor pictures are now of Kestrel Armor.
  • Palavan has been changed to Palaven on all signage.
  • Prop adjustments (no more lamps in walls).
  • Streaming adjustments to improve the worst loading stutters.
  • Option to ask Liara about her anger at the Shadow Broker won’t disappear from her dialogue tree.
  • Conrad Verner will correctly recognise Shepard’s actions from LE1 (provided LE1 Community Patch was used).
  • Synthetic Insights rep will leave if the slave is freed without their assistance, preventing completion of the mission twice.
  • Shiala’s teeth are now visible.
  • Worried Salarian will no longer contort his arms if Shepard approaches at the wrong time.
  • Point of interest for the Salarian bachelor party is now consistent.


  • Numerous floating, misaligned, missing and/or unlit props fixed.
  • Architecture corrections.
  • Removed textures with visible temporary placeholder text.
  • Fixed clipping on asari NPC sat on a truck.
  • Fixed clipping on Afterlife entrance sign at the far end of the entry corridor.
  • Lighting on Shepard fixed when drinking at the lower Afterlife Bar.
  • Smoking NPCs have cigarettes.
  • All NPCs cast shadows at correct LODs.
  • Batarian, Vorcha and Asari dancer NPCs now have consistent skin tones across all body parts.
  • Ambient dialogue between Jack and Zaeed will trigger on the stairs between the levels of Afterlife.
  • Packages for Ish will complete correctly on a renegade dialogue path, with Jacob in the squad.
  • Corrections to Harrot’s lighting.
  • Corrections to Patriarch’s lighting when discussing the assassins.
  • Blood Dragon armour store description no longer references the Illusive Man.
  • Zaeed will no longer disappear from his recruitment location just before you leave the corridor.
  • Corrections to various news items which play correctly on other hubs or are exclusive to Omega.
  • Patriarch’s ambients will no longer play in error after he has left Afterlife.


  • Numerous floating and/or misaligned props fixed.
  • Female Clan Ambassador’s Guard has a correctly attached gun, as do the guards near the landing pad.
  • Fixed incorrect listings in Racht’s store.
  • Ensure Garrus remains in the squad position that hides the cut scene’s “turtle head” effect when greeting the clan leader.
  • Overcaptain will not greet Grunt unless Grunt is in the squad.
  • Overcaptain conversation lighting corrections.
  • Racht will make ambient comments about Urz following Shepard at appropriate times.
  • Ambient audio from one of the tussling krogan will no longer play after the fight has stopped.
  • Enabled previously bugged streaming state in the medical centre.
  • Wreav will no longer mention Wrex on certain dialogue paths if Wrex was not recruited in ME1.
  • Wreav’s throne area now correctly lit during cinematic conversations.
  • Fortrack’s pyjak will no longer t-pose during the start of conversations if Shepard returns to speak to him.
  • Improvements to squad lighting during landing cinematic.


  • Fixed numerous props and incorrectly or missing materials, as well as issues with floating, sinking and/or alignment.
  • Women on the Cerberus Crew will all dress in the correct uniforms.
  • NPCs no longer have mismatched skin tones on different body parts.
  • Gardner’s cooking pot will appear correctly after ingredients are sourced and not before.
  • Email from Kirrahe triggers correctly.
  • Email from Lizbeth Baynham will not fire before finishing the quest.
  • Email from Lorik Qui’in will now trigger for all appropriate decision paths in LE1 (requires ULE2P to be installed when LE1 save is imported.)
  • Fixed Shepard’s broken facial animation when giving Dr Chakwas brandy (international localisation only).
  • Consistency and corrections for FTL effects on Miranda’s windows.
  • Holes in the Normandy no longer appear.
  • Samara will not disappear during a line about Normandy upgrades.
  • Jacob’s lower lip will not distort when telling Female Shepard “your ship, your rules,” (English localisation only).
  • Tali’s line on the Normandy’s status once the shields are upgraded will trigger correctly.
  • Jack’s comment about the fate of the Collector Base will trigger consistently.
  • Grunt’s comment about the fate of the Collector Base will only trigger once.
  • Kasumi’s comments on a romantic relationship with Jacob will correctly reflect the relationship status.
  • Kasumi’s room piping and flooring no longer bleeds out into the men’s restroom.
  • Persistent light casted by a bridge computer screen now turns off when the crew is abducted, and the station is no longer in use.
  • Jacob will not start typing in midair after Shepard breaks up with him.
  • Camera will not clip with floor during Jack’s loyalty mission conversation.
  • Corrections to camera inconsistencies and mislabelled ambient lines in Miranda’s first romance conversation.
  • Lighting fixes for Kelly, Thane, Garrus, Tali and Jack conversations.
  • Lighting corrections to Miranda and Jack’s confrontation.
  • Legion will correctly reference Sovereign being on Virmire (rather than on Ilos).
  • Fixed misaligned camera during Joker/EDI conversation about the use of Sovereign’s tech in her construction, and details on Cerberus’ resources and structure.
  • Grunt will be subtitled “Tank-grown Krogan” during his initial conversation (in line with the vanilla treatment of Legion before he takes a name.)
  • Dr Chakwas will no longer pop in and out of existence when approaching medbay from the main battery.
  • EDI will now face Shepard when touring the player around the Normandy in all locations.
  • Zaeed’s trash compactor interactive cube now has its size corrected.
  • Researching the Probes and Fuel updates will now correctly display the proper holos on the Normandy CIC, instead of inverted ones.
  • Normandy ship hologram colour corrected (orange again!)
  • Lighting in the rainbow disco chair in the lounge will always work, no matter where you are loading your savegame from.
  • Mirror, glass and wood reflections now rendered at 2k, in line with other reflections in the game.


  • The Illusive Man’s secretary will dress in Cerberus fatigues.
  • Restored eyelashes on Normandy crew members, including Ashley and Joker.
  • Ashley’s hair will not clip through her helmet.
  • Sound of an invisible body hitting the floor when you retrieve medigel to heal Wilson has been removed.
  • Fixed bad Depth of Field during initial conversation with Wilson.
  • Streaming adjustments to prevent pop-in.
  • Restored bypass mini game on wall safe and datapad restored.
  • Corrected broken floor textures and meshes.
  • Extensive corrections to floating and/or misaligned props, sinking corpses, holes in walls, etc.
  • Corrections to missing and inverted materials.
  • Restoration and size corrections for decal details such as floor warnings, scorch marks, blood splatter and Cerberus’ desire to brand all their windows.
  • Improved blocking volumes.
  • Dead Cerberus personnel no longer wear N7 armour.
  • Corrections to pawn placements on Minuteman Station.
  • Holocomm audio effect now present during the conversation with the Illusive Man, along with minor lighting fixes.


  • Fixed floating and sinking props and corpses, and incorrectly sized blood spatter.
  • Restored missing junk at shuttle landing site.
  • Prazza’s gun will disappear after it has been holstered on all dialogue paths.
  • Prazza will holster his gun using the correction animation.
  • Tutorial arrows (for squadmate cover) will no longer persist during the subsequent cutscene.
  • Holocomm audio effect now present during the debrief with the Illusive Man.
  • Shepard will no longer ask about Wrex or Garrus’ location if they were not recruited in ME1.


  • Colonists now all have appropriate hair and scalps.
  • Many props and decorations will no longer inexplicably disappear after the Collectors leave.
  • EDI will have radio voice filter applied during appropriate shots after hacking the defence tower.
  • Kaidan’s broken lighting has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to kill Delan when you find him hiding in the warehouse.
  • Holocomm audio effect now present during pre- and post-mission debriefs with the Illusive Man, along with minor lighting fixes.


  • Characters will be lit correctly during the landing cutscene.
  • Architecture fixes - corrected rotation, reflectivity and lighting for tubes and piping.
  • Collector tube mesh restored so that glass sections are made of glass not metal.
  • Norm texture alphas restored and corrected so Collector glass now looks like glass.
  • Floors no longer made out of honeycomb.
  • Restored missing computer graphics (DNA spirals) during conversation on Collector genetics, as well as minor lighting and FOV corrections.
  • EDI only has radio filter during appropriate shots during the conversation on Collector genetics.
  • Major corrections to the conversation where EDI reveals the trap, including squadmates no longer jumping nodes, flickering out of shot, camera focuses on the correct speakers, lighting consistency, a collector stuck behind cover in the background, and corrections to the VFX displaying the secondary encryption during certain dialogue paths.
  • M-98 Widow image displays correctly on the mission results screen.
  • Lighting fix when Shepard enters the debriefing room pre- and post-mission.
  • Holocomm audio effect now present during pre- and post-mission debriefs with the Illusive Man.
  • Dialogue path corrections so the renegade response to the Illusive Man’s plan to acquire the Reaper IFF is consistently available.
  • Removed an inexplicably terrible light which made everything darker in level entry areas, improving lighting throughout the level, particularly in the ending cinematic.
  • Streaming corrections to prevent holes in the level on certain paths.

Vorcha Eye Position


  • Corrections to Normandy sound stage to prevent holographic screens from ruining camera angles during the opening cinematic scene.
  • HUD elements prevented from appearing towards the end of the cinematic scene after boarding the Reaper.
  • Legion subtitled as “Geth” (in line with the first conversation with it, since it has not yet been named.)
  • LODs in Cerberus video corrected.
  • Fixed emissive errors in architecture.
  • Corrections to floating floating and/or misaligned props.
  • Corrected broken normal maps on Normandy airlock doors.
  • Post-mission debrief no longer cuts out early.


  • Various lighting fixes.
  • Lines spoken by Crewman Matthews during the abduction are no longer tagged as Crewman Hadley.


  • Zaeed’s alternate outfit will appear correctly in cut scenes.
  • The Hammerhead will be in the hangar during the Suicide Mission if previously acquired.
  • Miranda will no longer speak over the radio while also in the party fighting the Oculus.
  • Transparency of the Collector Pods adjusted so the fate of the crew is visible.
  • Norm texture alphas restored and corrected so Collector glass now looks like glass.
  • Architecture corrections to tubes and valve location and rotation.
  • Flooring materials fixed.
  • Duplicate biotic barrier is no longer visible in the distance during the cutscenes at the end of the long walk.
  • Minor camera corrections during the cutscene at the end of the long walk.
  • During the conversation about the fate of the base, Shepard and the Illusive Man will now correctly recognise a lack of casualties.
  • When holding the line, Thane is no longer subtitled as Joker and Morinth is no longer subtitled as Samara.
  • Baby Reaper no longer collapses into a black void.
  • Normandy will use damaged textures when it arrives to pick up Shepard at the end of the mission.
  • Corrected placement of Collector Base wall to prevent clipping in cinematic shots during the evacuation of the base.
  • Corrected broken normal maps on Normandy airlock doors.
  • Skyline behind the Normandy will no longer be obscured by impenetrable fog.
  • Joker will not A-Pose behind Shepard while paying respects to the fallen, if squadmates died during the Suicide Mission.
  • Holocomm audio effect now present during pre- and post-mission debriefs with the Illusive Man, as well as the transmission discussing the fate of the Collector base.
  • Lighting corrections during the post-mission debrief with the Illusive Man.
  • Corrected female Shepard speaking with a male voice during certain lines in the post-mission debrief with the Illusive Man [French localisation bug].

Baby Reaper Void



  • Extensive corrections to the scene with the merc recruiter, including camera angles, gestures and Shepard breaking the kid’s gun, not Shepard’s own gun, to warn him away from signing up.
  • Materials corrections so that all mercenaries wear the correct armour.
  • Corrected wrong district signage (Kima not Gozu).
  • Extensive corrections to props, architecture and lighting channels to prevent floating, clipping, gaps in corridors, blocking volumes, wrongly assigned materials, streaming corrections to fix vistas, unlit NPCs and NPC pop-in.
  • Garm’s vorcha guard’s gun will no longer pop-in after conversation with Garm.
  • Fixed holographic gunship display on Sergeant Cathka’s computer screen. All elements are now visible.
  • Garrus no longer wears a knock-off immitation of his iconic armour before the base attack begins.
  • The dialogue wheel will not refer to Mordin as Morinth when choosing a squadmate to leave to defend Garrus (French only).
  • Restored FaceFX animation after Garrus is shot and gasps for air.


  • Corrections to props and corpses to avoid clipping and floating.
  • Restored missing puddles and correct sizing of blood splatter.
  • Wall and railing material correction.
  • If Shepard kills the injured Blue Suns Mercenary, he will no longer teleport and change appearance after death.
  • Tank-bred Krogan ally will no longer A-Pose under friendly fire.


  • Corrections to shadow placement on floor in first corridor.
  • Restored blood size decals.
  • Correction to Thane’s pose when refusing to surrender weapons.
  • Various corrections to Blue Suns armor materials, weapons and helmets.
  • Extensive corrections to prop and corpse placement and lighting channels.
  • Props no longer lit by red warning lights before warnings have triggered.
  • No more disappearing heads due to camera zooms!
  • Controls to release Jack will be appropriately labelled.
  • Improved lighting during Jack’s introductory scene.


  • Streaming improvements to reduce pop-in and correct missing vfx and level elements, including the restoration of the area background matte painting.
  • Replaced textures that were visibly placeholders.
  • Fixed many architectural issues, and holes in the level.
  • Extensive corrections to prop materials and lighting, and to address floating, misaligned and unlit props and corpses.
  • Corrections to several wrongly assigned NPC materials - sick batarian’s appearance will no longer change on death.
  • Corrected wrong signage (Gozu not Kima districts, Low Power).
  • Removed extraneous delay to door opening.
  • Restored bugged ambients and full FaceFX for clinic receptionists.
  • Mordin’s ambient lines will not be interrupted by the Carnifex reward.
  • Fans will be off or on at high speed at the appropriate times for the narrative.
  • Screen in Mordin’s lab during the final mission conversation turns off correctly (instead of moving to an incorrect position until reload if the player remains in the lab).
  • Lighting fixes on entering the Normandy’s comm room for the debrief conversation.
  • Restored alternate debrief line from Jacob if Mordin is recruited last.


  • Tracking Officer Dara now has consistent lighting.
  • Dead mercenary in Samara’s introduction scene no longer blinks after death.
  • Dialogue wheel adjustments to conversation with Pitne For about Eclipse Base access to make clear which options will move the conversation forwards.
  • Squadmate will not use Krogan animations when Shepard finds Pitne For’s shipping manifest.
  • Jack’s conversation with Shepard about red sand after finding Pitne For’s shipping manifest will now work.
  • Wasea’s datapad is now a datapad not a tool.


  • Corrections to Haestrom’s sun’s and its lens flare and their position.
  • Haestrom is once again steaming hot, thanks to the restoration of numerous steam emitters.
  • Emissive lights restored to wall safes.
  • Corrected subtitles on FShep’s response to Reegar over the radio.
  • Shepard can hack drones.
  • Squadmates will react to Kal’Reegar’s death.
  • Corrected architecture pop-in during Colossus fight.
  • Minor lighting adjustments to debrief scene.


  • Seryna will now remember the importance of headlight when driving at night.
  • Lighting fixes during the scene where Shepard can push a merc out a window and when Thane boards the Normandy.
  • SMG upgrade is found on an SMG instead of a pistol.
  • Corrections to traffic emitters and architecture lighting channels during the confrontation with Nassana.
  • Improved lighting on Nassana and her henchmen during the final scene.



  • Fog levels adjusted to avoid blocky disruptive visuals in the lower half of the screen during the start and ending areas.
  • Broken shadow maps on entry area walls corrected.
  • Forged IDs will not appear if the quest was already completed via an alternate route.
  • NPCs have corrected eyebrows, shadows and appropriate attire, with consistent anatomy.
  • Corrections to height of handrails, and numerous other clipping and sinking props.
  • Restored missing signage materials on Orbital Lounge.


  • Fixed positions of floating and sinking corpses, and ammo.
  • Grunt will now recall Shepard’s response to Uvenk and react accordingly after returning to the Normandy.


  • Leaves no longer visible through the shuttle window when high up in the atmosphere.
  • Two-way mirror reflections rendered at 2k in line with reflections elsewhere in the game.
  • Regaining Jack’s loyalty, after siding with Miranda, now correctly reinstates your ability to talk to her.


  • Missing puddles now render.
  • Corrected bad camera angle on female beach survivor so her face is no longer half out of the frame.
  • Feral soldier no longer uses a Locust-Predator mutant hybrid gun.
  • Ronald Taylor’s fate correctly recorded for import into LE3.
  • Holocomm audio effect now present during the post-mission confrontation with the Illusive Man.
  • Lighting corrections during debrief scene.


  • Kasumi’s outfit will no longer use gun textures [experimental fix, may not work in all cases].
  • Corrections to female guest with switched scalp and eye textures.
  • Lighting, placement, texture inversion and height corrections to various props, particularly in Hock’s bedroom.
  • On entering the elevator to the vault, a gun will no longer be lodged in Kasumi’s posterior.
  • Some staircases and a satellite dish which refused to be made of materials now accept they should, in fact, be made of materials.
  • Restored lens flare to Donovan Hock’s gunship.
  • Final hug between Keiji and Kasumi is properly aligned and Kasumi will no longer hug the air to Keiji’s left.


  • Corrected abrupt lighting change when moving between rooms.
  • Lighting corrections during the conversation before Legion deletes the virus.
  • Post-loyalty mission dialogue no longer allows inconsistent progression of Legion’s regular conversation track (in line with other squadmates)


  • Incorrect fog level no longer disrupts the opening cut scene.
  • Jack will fire a real gun, not an imaginary one, during the renegade interrupt to kill the mercenary leader.
  • Correction to floating datapad screen.
  • Corrected lighting pops during conversation about Oriana’s age.
  • Player’s skycar no longer disappears after taking the elevator.
  • Eclipse corpses no longer have blue suns helmets.


  • Maelon will no longer refer to Wrex if Wrex was not recruited in ME1.
  • Maelon no longer spasms after death, and will persist in the correct death pose.
  • A POI for an invisible Maelon will not appear on reload.


  • If not in the squad, Samara will leave Diana’s apartment as she says she will, to meet Shepard at Afterlife.
  • Fixed autosave so that Samara does not need to be approached before entering the club.
  • Misaligned skin tones and NPC materials corrected and floating props fixed in Afterlife.
  • Warea will dance rather than idle before being approached.
  • Restored lighting effects when Morinth attempts to influence Shepard’s mind.
  • Killing Morinth won’t cause the room to be left with biotic blue flames.
  • Floating and/or misaligned props in Morinth’s apartment fixed.


  • Captain Kar’Danna’s opening lines if Legion is brought aboard, will now play correctly.
  • Legion’s presence no longer causes guards to levitate following the opening cut scene.
  • No more photobombing quarian in the background of the first research log on the Alarei.
  • Tali’s father now appears in the evidence video.


  • Corrections to NPC materials, outfits, eyebrows, shadows, anatomy and hanar speech effect.
  • Corrections to floating and clipping props, broken and missing materials and missing datapad screens.
  • Shadow map, light material and lighting channel corrections across level architecture.
  • Thane’s lines will not be subtitled as spoken by Shepard at the end of the catwalk section.
  • Talid’s ambient request to return home will trigger correctly.


  • Prevent a softlock on landing on the planet, which will occur if Zaeed wears anything other than his yellow default armour.
  • Corrections to floating and poorly lit props.
  • Fixed T-posing NPCs and flames appearing before the explosion during the initial confrontation with Vido.
  • Loading adjustments to improve game stuttering.
  • Lighting corrections during the choice to save or abandon the miners.
  • Fixed Vido’s broken facial animations when the blue suns mercenary next to him gets shot as they escape.
  • Shepard points a gun at Zaeed the correct way around.
  • Lighting fixes during Vido’s death scene.
  • Vido no longer lacks gestures during the final section of his death scene.


  • [Abandoned Mine] Missing datapad screen restored.
  • [Abandoned Mine] Rain now creates puddles and makes people wet.
  • [Abandoned Mine] Sinking and floating props corrected.
  • [Abandoned Research Station] Sinking, floating, misplaced and wrongly lit props fixed.
  • [Abandoned Research Station] Cosmetic details such as blood and bullet holes restored and resized.
  • [Abandoned Research Station] Station VI no longer misnamed “Survivor” in subtitles.
  • [Archeological Dig Site] Removed disembodied tech armour at the bottom of the screen from view during the opening shot.
  • [Blood Pack Base] Fixed missing lighting channels on datapads.
  • [Blood Pack Communications Relay] Blood spatter resized to correct levels, plus several rocks no longer float.
  • [Blue Suns Base] Corrected position of sinking corpse.
  • [Blue Suns Base] Corrected size and position of blood spatter and scorch marks.
  • [Captured Mining Facility] Controller support for data decryption GUI.
  • [Endangered Research Station] Safety railing no longer floats.
  • [Endangered Research Station] Computer decal restored.
  • [Hahne-Kedar Facility] Fixed sinking corpses.
  • [Imminent Ship Crash] Legion will no longer A-Pose during the opening cut scene.
  • [Imminent Ship Crash] Corpses are no longer sinking into the ground, and their heads do not blink in and out of existence on approach. Now also correctly rotated.
  • [Imminent Ship Crash] Blood stains and battle damage restored.
  • [Imminent Ship Crash] Fixed Engine Room floor levels.
  • [Javelin Missiles Launched] Batarian troopers will no longer be mislabelled as prison guards.
  • [Javelin Missiles Launched] Fixed helmet materials and gore effects for corpses and battle damage markings.
  • [Javelin Missiled Launched] Architecture and prop fixes – crates do not belong in walls!
  • [Javelin Missiles Launched] the computer screen for the destroyed target will blink out, not the saved target.
  • [Lost Operative] Numerous floating and/or misaligned props fixed.
  • [Lost Operative] Torture scene gore returns. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
  • [Mining the Canyon] Mech will no longer continue to shoot at the destroyed wall after it’s destroyed.
  • [MSV Estevanico] Numerous details such as scorch marks, dust, ash, battle damage and puddles are now visible.
  • [MSV Estevanico] Corrected ship and mountain materials and vegatation levels.
  • [Quarian Crash Site] Shepard and squad are no longer visible on the planet before the shuttle lands.
  • [Quarian Crash Site] Blood stains restored.
  • [Quarian Crash Site] Varren remain a consistent colour before and after death.
  • [Strontium Mule] Fixed floating computer consoles and datapads and misaligned medigel dispensers.
  • [Wrecked Merchant Freighter] Corrections to floating and poorly lit props.


  • Extensive corrections to floating and clipping props and lens flare positions.
  • Extensive corrections to corpses – correct size and location of blood stains, blood applies to bodies, wear the correct outfits and do not float.
  • Hammerhead will no longer scream like an undead nightmare when mining nodes.
  • Corrected terrain collision issues so the Hammerhead can no longer drive underground.
  • Restored many missing Cerberus logos to their intended positions across the Aite exploration map.
  • Archer will not be labelled “Hammerhead VI” when speaking over the radio on certain lines.
  • Restored the static to Archer’s radio lines when he gets cut-off on approach to the bases.
  • Corrected broken floor, wall and ceiling textures, meshes and materials.
  • Corpse no longer stuck in a wall.
  • Corrected sinking machinery.
  • Fixed dead officer materials so they appear as Cerberus, not Alliance.
  • Fog levels corrected so vista outside Prometheus station is now visible.
  • Trees outside Prometheus Station now have leaves.
  • Streaming improvements to prevent pop-in inside Promethus Station.
  • Corrected materials on Geth Prime near the entrance to Prometheus Station. The Prime will now always use the correct animation instead of T-Posing under certain conditions.
  • Hermes, Prometheus and Vulcan station holos restored to intended red colour.
  • Broken security camera wwisepair objects fixed.


  • Fixed a rare softlock preventing access to intelligence dossiers for Samara or Thane if the player starts the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC very early.
  • Combat barks restored for Shadow Broker Operatives, Vasir and the Shadow Broker.
  • Fixed Vasir’s facial animation while listening to Sekat’s message.
  • Normandy and Eden Prime pictures use Legendary Edition assets.
  • Numerous floating and clipping props fixed in Liara’s apartment, as well as ensuring all datapads have screens.
  • Fixed broken hair on NPC explosion victim.
  • Fixed numerous missing or incorrectly sized blood splatters, scorch marks and puddles in the Dracon Trade Center.
  • Corrected disappearing, sinking, floating and mis-lit corpses, furniture and other props.
  • Sekat no longer changes appearance on death.
  • Vasir’s head will no longer be impervious to biotic effects.
  • Morinth will no longer be named Samara when choosing who to take in the cab.
  • Liara’s ambient lines after crashing on Azure will not overlap and cut themselves off.
  • Liara will now shoot and use powers when in cover.
  • Vasir is properly lit in her death scene, her eyes will only roll around in ways that are physically possible, and blood will be visible on the wall behind her.
  • Minor lighting corrections to the conversation with Liara after Vasir’s death.
  • Corpses and live TV are no longer streamed out after the Vasir boss fight.
  • Asari and Salarians wear helmets outside the ship, consistent with other characters.
  • Extensive restoration of decal decorations outside of the Shadow Broker’s ship, including ship signage and rust.
  • Segment of corridor wall no longer refuses to react to light.
  • Parts of the final cutscene will not be skipped in non-English languages.
  • All of Liara’s facial animations and sound effect will play correctly when playing female Shepard.
  • Shadow Broker ship model notification will not trigger on subsequent visits.
  • Hackett dossier includes correct picture.
  • Non-english subtitles will no longer break when zooming in, or moving to the next surveillance video.
  • Fixed floating papers and datapad near Feron.
  • Music from the Shadow Broker’s ship will not play during Liara’s cabin visit.
  • Prothean sphere will only appear during the cabin visit if it has been obtained by completing Project Firewalker.
  • Liara’s romantic visit to Shepard’s cabin should import correctly into LE3.
  • Liara’s eyes will no longer be left a shade of purple after embracing eternity.
  • Shadow Broker collectibles no longer disappear during romance scenes.


  • Extensive corrections to floating and clipping props, incorrect lighting channels, missing glass, missing emitters, floor shading and the size and location of blood stains.
  • Mountain in the distance is no longer inverted.
  • Streaming corrections to prevent lag spikes and pop-in when exiting or backtracking to elevators, and some other areas.
  • Fixed broken ambients in the cell block, including prisoners talking and VI announcing the bridge extension.
  • Fixed Kenson’s security hack terminal.
  • Batarians in the prison hangar no longer carry two clipping weapons simultaneously.
  • Fixed broken ambients in the cell block, including prisoners talking and VI announcing the bridge extension.
  • Fixed Kenson’s security hack terminal so that it is no longer sinking into the floor and floor lights are visible.
  • Batarians in the prison hangar no longer carry two clipping weapons simultaneously.
  • Shuttle is no longer a mix of Batarian and Cerberus.
  • Shepard will now look at Kenson when appropriate during the shuttle conversation.
  • Object Rho’s vibrant core has gotten its correct material restored.
  • All enemies during the Object Rho assault are now properly targetable with visible health bars.
  • Medbay props and architecture now react correctly to light sources.
  • Kenson now correctly comments over the radio on Shepard reaching the Mess Hall.
  • Corrected speaker names in subtitles during the final evacuation at the comm relay.
  • Improvements to CCTV and screen resolutions, in line with similar effects elsewhere in the game.
  • Corrected poorly fitted windows.
  • Kenson’s bomb now explodes with full visual explosion effects.
  • Corrections to lighting channels to fix abnormal shadows in the reactor room.
  • Restored meteor/comet effects in the sky in the area outside the project base.
  • Corrected the transparency and colour levels of Harbinger’s hologram.
  • Streaming adjustment so that the Normandy crew (if alive) are visible in CIC behind Joker during the pickup sequence.


  • Hammerhead will no longer scream like an undead nightmare when mining nodes.
  • Restored Manuel’s final journal entries on Kopis, dependent on Shepard’s choices on Eden Prime in LE1.
  • HUD correctly registers cool temperatures after the fifth mining node on Lattesh.
  • Medigel dispenser alignment issues fixed on Karumto.
  • Crash debris from the Rosalie positions fixed and scorch marks again visible on Zeona.
  • Volcanos on Zeona once again drip lava.
  • Removed textures with visible temporary text on Karumto.
  • Fixed circumstantial bug where tech armour would ride atop the hammerhead. Sorry, guys, no more jousting!


  • Flashbacks use Legendary Edition assets.
  • Lighting corrections to Pressley’s datapad.
  • Restored missing decals and snow mounds.
  • Properly turned off the Mako’s rear lights instead of hiding them with unlit bottle meshes.
  • Corrections to missing materials, and incorrect use of fireflickering materials from the prologue section.
  • Mission results screen will no longer occasionally show inappropriate tech upgrades.


  • Shepard is male bool
  • Combat class conditional (Soldier, Vanguard, Infiltrator)
  • Biotic class conditional (Adept, Vanguard, Sentinel)
  • Tech class conditional (Engineer, Infiltrator, Sentinel)
  • Incorporated Persistent Settings mod to add field of view changer, courtesy of ME3Tweaks.
  • Bug preventing Palladium rewards using absolute values (rather than percentages of the level maximums) has been fixed.
  • Bug preventing mods from recompiling the Arc Projector weapon class has been fixed.
  • Added ability to hide hair on pawns via bHelmetHidesHair bool (see Improved LE2 Functionality mod for further instructions).
  • Added ability to hide head and hair on casual outfits via bHelmetHidesHair/Head.
  • Where the squadmate BioH files are shipped to fix other bugs, the patch will prevent faces from deforming when editing the character mesh. This currently includes Garrus, Miranda, Kasumi, Thane and Samara. Other characters will need to be manually corrected per this tutorial.
  • Fixed Miranda’s head mesh so her ear will no longer deform (visible if using modded hairstyles).
  • Added lighting tags during Miranda’s video logs in the prologue to make redirection to modded content easier.
  • Consistent textures/vanilla CRC used for all instances of Garrus’ default armor.
  • Several LE1 bools are now imported for use in LE2, please see the relevant article.

EDI Positioning Fix


While we have plans to further develop the patch, the following are issues we have been specifically asked about, and that we cannot guarantee we will be able to address. This is generally due to technical limitations:

  • Weird, inconsistent temporary black flickering voids in holograms.
  • Missing expression wrinkles on all human and asari characters.
  • Customs officer will refer to Female Shepard as "Sir" when attempting to resolve the Asari travel issue.
  • Legion's upper lights do not change colour when speaking.
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