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Battle Groups in service of the Union Military. Though not the largest military machine in comparison to other factions, it is varied and comprised of some of the most advanced ships and best soldiers ever known. It is never to be underestimated.

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Exterior Union Navy

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Hyperion Fleet


Fury-class Super Star Dreadnought

Bellator-class Battle Cruiser - 4
Interdictor Battle Cruiser - 1
Imperious-class Star Destroyer - 10
Duplicity-class Battle Carrier - 16
Nebula-class Star Defender - 12
Endurance-class Carrier - 6
Revenge-class Super Carrier - 2
Procursator-class Star Destroyer - 20
Dagger-class Heavy Corvette - 12

Optional additional fleet information here.

Atlas Fleet


Assertor-class Star Dreadnought - 1
Duplicity-class Battle Carrier - 12
Scythe-class Battle Cruiser - 18
Nebula-class Star Defender - 12
Endurance-class Carrier - 4
Vroaka-class Frigate - 25
Dagger-class Corvette - 8

Optional additional fleet information here.

Defence Fleets
Optional fleet numbers here.

Optional Legions.



I don't think i'll take the extra options thank you xD

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