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Might be a good time to reveal this project. With Indie of the year, this might be a great opportunity to get this game some quick publication.

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Hello everyone.
With all the hype with the indie of the year voting and all that, I feel its a good opportunity to get this game some quick publication. So here goes...

Under Siege is a 3rd Person Fictional Medieval Castle Defender. The main goal is to survive the longest. You start with a basic castle and character. Enemies approach in waves, with each wave getting more difficult. Money is obtained by killing enemies, which can then be spent on castle upgrades, player attributes, unit recruitment and weapons and armour upgrades.

Sounds fun right! For me the main goal is to keep it simple and straight forward until I have a working game, where after I can then start adding more complex features.
For now its going to be a map, with a castle and enemies attacking in waves. That's it. Once I have that, like I said more features will be added.

What I have thus far is a Custom Engine(DD3X 7.5) being written by Dexter, a world level, foliage and 2 of the base castle structures in WIP, still along way to go, but I have alot of freetime now and am a really fast modeler.

I hope to get the support of the Indie community.
If you have any questions, Don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading.


:) I like your idea.
Goodluck to you :D

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Christo_Katkos Author

Much appreciated!

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