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Star Wars Themed mod by ASV Team. It will contain all Star Wars Eras (Old Republic, Clone Wars, Empire, First Order even fandom and concept arts). Clone Wars Era Released

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Gunship script highly improved and new LAAT , HMP gunships added. Many scripts improved and optimized for more comfortable gameplay.This mod will contain ALL SW eras ,vehicles, ships, infantries, weapons, maps, building stuff and etc. It will contain all Legends and Canon stuff also concept arts and fandom stuff. And it will contain many missions from Legends and Canon, also there will be fanmade missions too. I can assure you that when the mod is finished, it will leave many Star wars games behind.
Planned Eras/Phases .1) Clone Wars Era (BIG PART OF IT RELEASED)
- Galactic Republic
- Separatist Confederation

2) Galactic Civil War Era (WIP)
-Galactic Empire
-Rebel Alliance

3) First Order/Resistance War Era
-First/Final Order

4) Old Republic/Sith Empire Era
-Sith Empire
-Old Republic

5) The Yuuzhan Vong War
-Yuuzhan Vong Empire
-Galactic Alliance

6)Other Legends/Canon factions.

7) Concept Arts and Fan Fictions
Links:Ultimate Star Wars DISCORD Server:
VK Group:
Videos of mod:
DONATION And FINANCIAL SUPPORTThis project will take a lot of effort and time from my life . Your generous contribution is vital to keep this fragile project live and keep me motivated. Also you can access to developer version of mod for CTA/MOWAS2.

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