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Ultimate Immersion is a cosmetic, sound, texture, and linguistic overhaul that fundamentally changes the way you experience Men of War.

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2022 Update

Originally released in 2015, and fully realized in 2020 (With even more subsequent content updates), Ultimate Immersion has resided on the Steam Workshop for its entire existence; Now that changes. The Complete UI Collection including all 5 modules are available for download here along with the links to their respective workshop pages. You can view the Workshop Collection here.

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Ultimate Immersion

The Ultimate Immersion mod takes the vanilla MoW:AS2 experience and transforms it to engage you into the world of 1944, to fully immerse you in the themes of the second world war, akin to titles like Medal of Honor: European Assault and Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

This mod features a complete overhaul of sound effects and small arms sounds using 100% historical, real life sounds of non-reproduction WW2 weapons, and a completely redesigned ambience suite. UI applies dirt, tears, debris and grime to the textures of nearly every single entity in the game, and totally overhauls infantry design for all nations.


• Completely new ingame soundtrack for multiplayer
• Singleplayer soundtracks
• New main menu interface
• Real WWII footage as main menu background
• Optional Sound addon that replaces most of the sound effects
• Brand new in game UI with improved functionality and aesthetic
• New multiplayer lobby interface and redefined nations
• 60+ detailed and high quality loading screens for all maps
• Ostfront to Waffen SS conversion
• New UI sounds
• Over 200+ sound replacements
• Various historical gun sounds
• Real immersive cannon sounds for tanks and AT guns
• Less arcady and menacing sounds for heavy tanks
• Improved engine sounds for nearly all vehicles
• Completely revamped voice acting
• Improved ambiance
• Over 50 new vehicle skins for nearly all German and Russian vehicles.
• Completely overhauled soldier skins for all nations.
• More realistic and less bright weapon textures.
• Gritty and war-worn textures for units and vehicles.
• Historical skins.
• Designed client-side so you can use it without others having it.

Ultimate Immersion

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Ultimate Immersion

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