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By NeFuRii, you can can find the article on the games webpage

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By NeFuRii, you can find the article here

I’ve been “trying” to implement ufopaedia for a long time now… Everytime i’m about to do it, I open the project, look at the layout designe and… decide im too tired for it:). The problem is that ufopaedia would require quite many new user controls that the game doesn’t have. Considering that they are not useful for the game itself, I always leave implementing it for some later time – after all the core mechanics are done and game works without (too many) bugs. This means it will not be anytime soon. What i though I would do in the mean time is to make a placeholder ufopaedia. It would have just two buttons for navigating to the next and previous entry and just some text for the tech itself. No images, no neat windows. Enough however to get some of the important information you, as the player, might want. So 0.98 will have this placeholder thing. We will probably make a web ufopaedia along the way too in some distant future. By the way: is there any volunteer for writting the actual ufopaedia’s texts? That would save me a lot of time. We don’t want to copy the ones from the original game. So it would be rewording and adding/changing content to make it up to date with TTS. Would be great if this individual was either native English speaker or really fluent at it. Although the most important thing right now is to put some vital statistics for various technologies, but writting actual long flavour texts would be good too. Important: Volunteer must be able to come online on irc at resanoable time hours (European time) since that’s the only effective way to recive information on all the techs.From other news,
Thanks to help from Jukebox and Matiz I was able to pinpoint a probable cause of multiplayer dissinchronisation issues (only the ones that appear in game if you previously recived “LAG” messages). Full fix for it requires a lot of work, so it will be fixed in 0.99 or even 1.00. I don’t know if it will solve 100% of related issues, but it should fix at least some. In 0.98 a new time-out feature will be added which can help a bit (its a quickfix, but not very reliable). Also, you can try playing via hamachi, as it seems to help.

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