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It has been a while since I posted anything relating to the game so let me introduce you to what has changed in it so far.

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Change Log

  • Game engine has been updated, so much stuff had to be edited to be compatible with the new engine as it uses legacy code.
  • Sprites are all redone, looking back at this project, the art looks like a disaster. Hopefully the following screenshots impress you even though they aren't much yet.
  • Lighting system is COMPLETELY redone. And thank god it has been, the old one was much laggier and was awful to work with. The lighting actually looks like- light!
  • Focused my efforts to an Android version, created new virtual keys and redid the sprites for that. The Android edition is now playable, however every Android is different so your mileage may vary. Further testing is needed.
  • Used a different method for inputing level design, should require less performance. Which is great since this game uses a physics engine that requires a bit of power.
  • Gameplay wise, we now have wall jumping! Should be interesting to design levels with this!
  • Added some sprites to make the environment more "detailed", as well as some animated subtle sprites you will notice as you progress through the game.
  • Redid the terrible art, why on earth did I think downscaling objects in the preview art would look nice with 16-bit objects that need to be the same scale. Sigh.
  • Got a MacBook Pro, which means more releases will be Mac than Windows. I carry my MacBook Pro with me a lot which will make development more efficient. I apologize Windows users!


Screenshot 1

Added in a custom cursor, and the HUD(to be changed) has been located on the bottom to avoid interference with the gameplay.

Screenshot 2

Here is a demonstration of the lighting system, dark areas are dimly lit up as you can see above.

Screenshot 3

Adding some height to the level, more designs on the way!

Hope you enjoyed reading this update, being this is a Alpha, nothing is final. I am looking for criticism to improve the game. Leave a comment below.

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