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Turnover's second release candidate is available for Steam beta testers. This updates finalizes the game's cut scenes and adds some polish.

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Release Candidate 2 is out on Steam and available for beta testers.


RC 1 was essentially the last major pre-release update and addressed the remainder of bugs and issues I had in the pipeline. Every build from here on in will be polishing Turnover up for release.

The major change in RC 2 is Turnover’s cut scene script. I have rewritten large portions of the cut scenes to ensure I’m hitting my story beats, to make it is more understandable, to correct grammar, and to keep things concise. A massive improvement, in my opinion.

While developing Turnover, I’ve learned that creating a workable, coherent story line is much more complicated than I anticipated. Not sure if I pulled it off, but I took my best shot.


I’m going to try to continuing adding little improvements to Turnover. If I can be frank, the game is essentially done. I’m not doing anything major until people have a chance to play it and give their opinions. I have some ideas rolling around in my head, but no major post release plans. I anticipate the first significant update to Turnover after release will be in response to what the community has to say.

I’ve been working on Turnover for over 2 years and I’m proud of how it has come together. As an anxious person, I feel weirdly calm about the upcoming release. Without going to much into my private life, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs while working on the game. It’s a personal project for me and a labor of love, much more than anything I have done before. Now, I just want it to get out in the world.

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