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Prototype trailer showcases art style and general direction of 2D stealth gameplay.

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Turnover is a 2D stealth game for Windows.

You play a desk jockey who becomes caught in the middle of an armed, corporate takeover attempt. Instead of sticking around for a resolution, you make a desperate attempt to escape the madness. Armed with only your patience and wits, you must escape the standoff alive!

This is a new independent game. I've recently moved the game from the prototype phase to being in-development. More updates will be inbound in the coming months.

You can visit my dev blog for all the latest. I'll be mirroring important blogs posts over at Turnover's IndieDB page.

What’s Next

Things are shaping up solidly, but there is still a hell of a lot to do. I have major portions of the gameplay already planned and laid out. The major actors in the story are written and the plot is essentially finished. The game will enter development proper within the next week.

I have enough planned to know what direction the game is headed, yet enough unplanned that I have some flexibility to experiment.

The Future

I hope to have an alpha build ready to go in early 2014. I don’t have a set release date and I likely won’t be able to determine one until things start rolling.

The game will be available for Windows XP SP2+, Vista, 7, and 8. I am currently planning for Linux and I expect the game to be available for Linux.


I like how cautious you've made the guards appear to be. I think it would look a lot better to the eye and reflexes if they turned around slower instead of instantly. Also, don't forget the power of sin and cos waves. add that into the angle of his sight and you've got a character that looks back and forth as he walks, like a real guard. All in all you've really been studying up on your AI.

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anthnich Author


Looking around is a little abrupt at the moment, so it's something I think I'll have to address at some point.

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