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Turkish Meals mod adds Turkish meals and recipes to minecraft.

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Turkish Meals mod adds meals and recipes to minecraft.

This mod adds Turkish meals and drinks. Like Kebap and Yo─čurt.


Current we made this mod just for 1.7.10(Discontuined) - 1.12.2 - 1.14.4 - 1.15.2 and 1.16.5 Forge


We are open for ideas. Please do make suggesstions for adding new meals and drinks.


You can use this mod on your modpacks. You can make videos with it. You are free to do anything :)



1612356191 639373 donerrecipe

Three Cooked Mutton.

Raw Kebap

1612354501 969710 raw kebap reci

3 Raw Beef.

Grilled Kebap

1612354575 696673 kebap recipe

Smelt a Raw Kebap.

Raw Lahmacun

1612354635 620601 rawlahmacunrec

3 Raw Beef and A Dough Of Lahmacun.

Cooked Lahmacun

1612354758 666669 lahmacunrecipe

Smelt a Raw Lahmacun.

Raw Manti

1612354906 934342 mantirecipe

1612354970 92498 mantirecipe2

Right click the Dough and Click Manti button.


1612355046 982589 mantirecipe3

A Raw Manti, A Raw Beef, A Yogurt and A Bowl.


1612355125 940301 yogurtrecipe

2 Milk Bucket.


1612355185 173130 ayranrecipe

A Water Bucket and A Yogurt.


1612355215 587640 doughrecipe

A Flour and A Water Bucket.

How to get Flour?

1612355263 879324 getflour1

1612355271 134992 getflour2

1612355278 616337 getflour3

Break a Grass or Tall Grass.

This mods created by atarikafa.

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