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You are in a virtual world where each user sees a virus in you. But you are a man! Maybe... Learn the truth about yourself, destroying everyone on your way or hiding in information flows

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You find yourself in a virtual world, a place where even the soul is transferred. But is this a digitized mind too? And what if a similar question arises in others about


Turbamentum is a top-down shooter in a neon cyberpunk style. A virtual world in which you turned out to be the main character is a dangerous place in which everyone wants to kill you.

You will find out why they are so aggressive towards you, working through the enemies or acting discreetly, to learn the truth about themselves and decide who you are.


As you pass, you can acquire new weapons, as well as pump yourself in accordance with the chosen path: aggressive or stealth.

You can change the size of the character, buy turrel, find out the location of the enemies and where they are heading, as well as improve their disguise.

You can download full game and (maybe) support me on ITCH.IO






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