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New options additions, more inventory slots and tons o bug fixes in this new 1.16 patch!

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-As requested I have added an AZERTY control scheme option in the options menu.
-Added three more inventory slots, this should make for better play style and customization.
-Item slots will no longer disappear or turn black when an item is used.
-Options like azerty/qwerty and windowed/full screen will now save on game exit and will load on game start.
-Windowed mode is now set to 1600x900, this will change soon when i add more resolution choices.
-Increased starting spirit to 100.
-Primary attack now costs three spirit.
-Fixed problems with health potions not adding health and staying in inventory.
-Player can no longer open in-game menu screen while running.
-Player can no longer avoid enemies while standing on floor mats.
-Fixed bug where saint would shoot to the right if hit by an enemy.
-Fixed sprite directional problems with bosses.
-Bullets that are targeted now light up your cross-hair and flash when shot.
-Fixed bug where two items would be transmuted when trying to transmute an item.
-Section 2 boss fight has been finished.
-Buttons in options menu now glow when selected.
-Re-did floating in-game text.


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