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We are very excited about the Early Access release of Train Station Simulator. If everything goes as it should you can get the game on this Thursday 14th December from Steam!

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We are still fixing some issues and testing out some new features. We have fixed so many bugs that we are not listing everything here now.

Get Train Station Simulator!

Right now we would like to focus on fixing any appearing issues and tuning the game with the community to make it more easy to play.

First weeks - fixing

We believe that in the first few weeks in the Alpha Early Access period we will upload updates twice every day . We know that it is frustrating to update so often but we believe that in the beginning period of an Early Access game it is important to address serious issues as soon as possible.

Next month - enabling existing new features

After all these issues have been fixed and the game has been balanced to most players like we plan to enable some other features that is already in the game but we are still testing them. Let me put these feature in a list:

  • evacuation doors
  • station evacuation
  • beggers, homeless persons, graffiti guys
  • SWAT team members
  • unattended luggage in the terminal
  • rail problems
  • trees on the rails
  • mod options and station map sharing system
  • mail transportation, mail carriages, mailing cars
  • cargo operations

We have some further plans for some awesome features that are listed on the community page with a cool image!

Train Station Simulator is getting ready for Christmas how about you? :-)

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