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Ever wished for a game where you build your own ships, and send them conquer the universe? Watch Drovoid pre-release trailer!

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Here is the pre-release trailer of Drovoid! Hope you'll enjoy it:

This video is showing most of the game features: Ship assembly, mining, combat and the arena. Most ships in the video are fully automated, which is done by assembling logical modules. The way the modules are put together define how they communicate, and produce the ship behavior. Of course, I'll post tutorials on all this :-)

Ships can also be manually controlled; this is the case of the first two ships. What I find effective is to only half-automate a ship, for instance driving the thrusters manually but having turrets with automatic targeting systems. This is the case of the large ship shown in the video.

Stay tuned for more videos!


Gameplay looks good! I like the visual style of the game too. Looking forward to more information.

I don't know if you are looking for any trailer feedback but if you are, I've got some:
1. The music is great.
2. You could probably zoom in a bit and cut out the UI for a lot of the footage just so it's easier to visually parse.
3. "In the depths of space... only the smartests survive" -- "Smartests" is not a word. I can't tell if this is a joke or not. There aren't any other jokes in the entire trailer. It's driving me insane. Honestly, it's 85% of the reason I watched the whole trailer. So maybe this was marketing genius on your part?
4. Probably best to just capitalize everything. "MINE" instead of "Mine." When you aren't making complete sentences, I think it looks better.

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Drovoid Author

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely take this into account for the next trailer.

I liked the fact that the sequences are showing a large chunk of space as well as the UI, but I agree things get a bit small. It is possible to zoom in in-game with the mouse wheel, so I'll try to make things bigger next time.

"Smartests" ... I am of course tempted to say this is 'marketing genius' but I am afraid this really is a typo :-) (English is not my native language). Hope it does not sound too horrible. For some reason it made sense to me to make this a plural, but it seems obvious now there should be only one smartest!

The sound track is one of the several tracks that are played in game, the author is , thanks to him for making these available to indie devs!

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You could say "... only the smart survive."

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