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Warcraft 3 the cries of the woods gets a new trailer, and theres news about the Beta.

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The Cries of the Woods Trailer!

Warcraft 3: The cries of the woods hasn't had to many updates latley. And we haven't been working on the campaign. What we have done is Been Making a Beta map for you guys so you can try the mod out!

We sat down and thought, We need a Trailer. So Erikmb has been working all day on this new Trailer. Thanks to Jesse Cox for his voice acting and for there sound effects and music. Hope you Enjoy. Note: The footage is from world of warcraft and not the Mod :)

Heres some news about the Beta. We have finnished everything exept the cinematics. We are just waiting for the recorded voices to come in so we can make them. When thats done we will Release the Beta. Also just for the fun of it, we are going to make 2 walpapers. 1 Furbolg wallpaper and 1 Deamon wallpaper. Screen shots of the Beta will be on Moddb soon.


Dhiresh was so nice of offering help with creating a website. We will be working on that soon aswell. So you guys will be able to check the news here on moddb and on the site. Just so you know the website will feature more news then on Moddb.


If you happen to be a warcraft 3 modler, please contact us at we are in Need of custom models, and no one at the team is a modler. So if you want to be apart of the team please contact us. Also thouse who Gives the mod good help and are trusted will get to play the campaign a Few weeks befor release. :)


hahahahaha whoever did that voice in the video is the biggest *** on the earth

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erikmb Author

Jesse cox, how come??

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lol 1337 xD

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This looks awesome for a Warcraft 3 mod:D

But yeah, you should have edited the voice, sounds a bit corny.

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