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For our empire to grow we must open up trade with the galactic senate. We will give them ships from our plentiful shipyards in exchange for money.

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Trade between The New Empire and The Galactic senate

Deal : ships and shipyards - Money

On August 20th 2011, Sith insquisitor Darth_Ten10dix PM'ed Emperor_Johnyboy1 about a deal that would greatly benefit both sides. Emperor_Johnyboy1 then talked to his most trusted advisors and they agreed that a trade would benefit both teams. The new Empire and the Galactic senate then opened trade and now became nuetral with each other instead of being enemies. As shown above, the trade is quite simple. We give them access to our massive shipyards in exchange for needed money to help grow TNE. Hopefully the exchange will last for a long time.

The new Empire: Emperor Johnyboy1 = Darth Ten10dix :The Galactic Senate

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