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I dunno, what do you guys think… 5 months long enough? Yeah, I agree. So let’s get some fun stuff rolling out, shall we? I think it’s time to finally bring out the fun stuff!

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Demo 6 of Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version is now officially complete and being publicly released! In our last build, our protagonist stopped off in New Bark Town before resuming their journey across the Pokemon World to try and find secrets to this elusive Sealed Realm. Demo 6 continues from where that left off, and our heroine can now travel into the Johto Region proper! Along the way she’ll see the Quagsire filled waters of Cherrygrove City, climb the heights of Sprout Tower, where she’ll encounter Haunters and Raticates, perhaps she’ll even explore the Ruins of Alph and try to tackle the mystery of the Unown and their ruins. Or she may backtrack into the Kanto Region and explore the locked off depths of the Cinnabar Mansion, which contains a s͡e͞cr̴et̵ f̀ar gr͠ęat͠er̢ than͞ ͟a͝n͏yǫne̴ ͢ćo͞uld҉ h̴a̢v̸e ͡a̸n̡t́ici͞p͡a̵t͘e̵d ͞a̡n͡d ҉b͏el̛i͘eved͠ ̧c̷o͜ul̡d ͟ex̀ist.̷ ͟ O͝Ḩ ́̕Ģ̡O҉D ͘D̷Ą͏MN̷͡͝ ̵͢͞Í̸̕T ̀͠D̷͘͡IḐ̵̛ ́T̵̵̛HȨ ̧͢T̀͠E͘͟͏X̢͟T̛ ͏̨̧GL̕I̢͜T̛̀C͜H͟͞ ̛͟͟A̴͠Ģ̷AI͜N҉̕,̸̸ ̷͢HO̧͜LD̷ O͏N̴.͏̢͜.̷͞.̛͜ There we go, all better! I swear, the text interface system for IndieDB is so annoying sometimes, it keeps glitching out in a very… interesting way.

Or maybe it’s not IndieDB… Hmm…

Anyways! if it wasn’t obvious, Demo 6 comes loaded with obtainable Pokemon all over the place! Making use of the combined type chart, which was finished in Demo 5, Pokemon and Puppets can now stand on equal footing against each other. You’ll be seeing quite a bit of them across Johto; in wild encounters, on trainers, some even as special events! They aren’t going to be too common though, they’re going to be moderately rare and hard to come by for yourselves.

On the topic of adding Pokemon, this means some changes had to be made to existing mechanics. Pokemon and Puppets have their own gender classification system, and their own breeding table. This is to prevent species crossbreeding - sorry guys, feel free to write your fanfictions though!

There are several things that Demo 6 had added to the mix, not just obtainable Pokemon. In Pallet Town, you may recall that there was a small general storethat you could buy small stock at. This store has now begun its beautiful metamorphosis into being a very large general store that stocks new items the further you get into the game! Older stock goes on a discounted price as newer stock comes in, so if you want to purchase 300 Pokeballs for 30,000 instead of 60,000, this is the place to do it! I’ve also opened the doors on the Regional Uplink Terminal, which will allow you to do a LOCALIZED version of the Wonder Trade mechanic introduced into Generation 6! Once you clear the Cinnabar Volcano event, the doors will be open for you to use it! Speaking of things in Viridian City, I’ve also opened the lower floor of the Trainer Academy, so now you can head down there and see what awaits you! Also! Fossil Restoration is now available for you to use, all you have to do is bring a fossil down to the basement floor, and you’ll find yourself with a brand new fossilized Pokemon or Puppet!

I’ve also fixed several bugs since Demo 5, the most important one being the Fly bug. If you taught Fly to a Puppet and tried to use it, it would crash the game. This is no longer the case! I’ve also set the Egg Hatch level to Level 5 for various reasons. Several sound files have had their volume modified, but this process is not done and I will continue modifying them as I hear complaints.

I would also like to take this time to formally mention that the Mystery Gift event that gives out Kokoro is no longer active. But on the note of Kokoro, she is now obtainable! Not just that, her entire stats and movepool have been overhauled, and she’s now in-line with the Shoddy Touhoumon server buildout. I’ve also added several new Puppet forms to the game, all based on the Shoddy Server’s lineup! Check the readme file for information on them! Demo 6 also comes pre-stocked with a brand new Mystery Gift event to replace Kokoro, go check it out!

One more thing I need to stress before posting the download links: If you had saved in The Safari Zone, Route 23, or Indigo Village, please move your save inside a building. There were black void issues that I have resolved.

Anyways! That’s a long enough post! Wow that’s a lot of text… But you didn’t come here for text, right? Nah. Demo 6 is now available in the download section above! While we're here, have the change log for Demo 6.

After you download Demo 6, please download and apply the quick patches, as there was an oversight in my upload. This quick patch fixes the RGSS104E.dll error on boot, and fixes a warping issue on Route 23. Instructions on how to install are provided in the file.

Go on ahead and download Demo 6, I made it to be played afterall! Demo 6 goes up to just outside Union Cave, and has only the eastern segment of Route 36 explorable. Everything within those boundaries is your playground! You’ll need to talk to Professor Elm again if you hadn’t, as talking to him will remove the roadblock in New Bark Town.

Also please remember, Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version is an RPG Maker XP-made Game. This will not run on Smartphones, Tablets, Game Boy Advance Emulators, DS Emulators, or any other emulator (well maybe it’ll run on WINE but). Please do not come to me saying you can’t get it running through that, I will direct you to this post again specifically tellign you to read it. You have been warned!

Here’s holding out until Demo 7 everyone catch’ya later!

- DerxwnaKapsyla

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