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The mod has been updated to version 2.4.2. This version introduces several small fixes and optimizations and is save-compatible with the previous version.

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Version 2.4.2 is up and available for download!

We weren't planning on further updates for Warlords, but this one fixes one important and guaranteed CTD and thus we deemed it worthy of making a patch. You have to redownload the whole installer, since many art files have been updated (from purely technical point - you won't likely see any real visual changes, but it will all work a tad better). Features compared to 2.4.1:

  1. Fixed a CTD caused by Scandinavian cannon (everyone who had a CTD on the World Map and on random maps with Vikings in around Renaissance should be able to progress normally).
  2. Fixed the annoying and much reported Roman War Elephant.
  3. Small balance tweaks (for instance, overpowered +3 research per specialist from State Atheism turned into much more moderate +1).
  4. Optimized many textures to take less video memory and reduced the complexity of several unit models. Everything should run a bit smoother now.
  5. Should be savegame-compatible to 2.4.1.

Every user of 2.4.1 is greatly encouraged to download 2.4.2. Before it is approved in the download section, you can get it in at the SourceForge:


is this compatible with windows 7 i have had trouble with the previous version with 7

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WalterHawkwood Author

Yes, both this and the previous version should be fully compatible with 7. I run it on 7 myself.

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