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Update on the progress of Torgar's Quest, as the game enters beta. Lots of changes and additions!

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Since the last update on Torgar's Quest, the game balance has changed and evolved, new stats and features have been introduced. It has matured a lot compared to the last public alpha build (which you can still download).

Finally, Torgar's Quest is about to start closed beta testing! And on that note - Testers Wanted! If you want to help test the game, send a note to

Since the last alpha, here are some of the major changes.

  • New stat for critical hits, increasing your chance of dealing bonus damage.
  • New stat for luck, increases gold found and spawn rates for treasure and crystals.
  • Special abilities and attacks. Choose 1 of 2 presented at levels 2, 5 and 7.
  • Gear spawns less often, making it harder to get all upgrades.
  • Crystal spawn is no longer completely random. Chance grows if you don't find any.
  • New artwork in the menus, on story screens and when reading lore books.
  • The game now supports localization and let's you select language.
  • As you progress, more elites and rare enemies will appear.
  • Level cap: Torgar can reach as high as level 10 before capping.
  • New leaderboards.

Not listed are the countless bugs fixed (and created), and the endless balance adjustments that are still being worked on, and a few other surprises.

Since midway through alpha, Torgar's Quest has been publicly available for download, but entering the beta phase, I chose to start with a closed beta. I did that, because it is easier to structure and build on the feedback this way, and because I wanted to have a lot of new content to show, the next time Torgar appears in public.


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