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This is largely an update of tweaks and bug fixes, including a fix for a major memory leak that would cause a crash during marathon games or after many games in one sitting. There is also some adjustment of balance, including a limit to how much food you can carry.

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Notable changes in alpha 8

One major addition is the global leaderboard. Add your name in the preferences and compete for the highest score in the woooorld! You can also opt-out of this in the preferences.

Monsters will now eventually lose aggro if you outrun them.
Shops spawn less often, but treasure chests spawn more often.
The impact of higher difficulties were tweaked some.
Torgar can now carry a maximum of 30 food.
Potions and food stay on the ground, if you have no room for them.
Potions drop more often at higher difficulty and deeper dungeon levels.
Global leaderboards! Compare your score to that of other players.
Access to (and opt-out from) leaderboards via new High Scores screen.
Preferences can now be accessed via a button on the main menu.
Spawn algorithm for gear drops changed to be slightly less random.
You now get additional score bonus for winning the game, extra for higher difficulty.
Fixed a bug that would spawn gear that does not exist.
Memory leak fixed, that would cause games that ran long to crash.
Several minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Big thanks to the alpha testers who sent me feedback. The changes and fixes in this update are largely based on their notes. Thank you: Dusty, Thomas, Kristian and Tanya.

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