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Currrent version: v1.1. Works best for GOG Torchlight 1.15.

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  • This Mod have new 21 pets, new 94 minions (summon spells).
  • A summon spells conjure one minion.
  • Minion appear within close range of the caster and help him.
  • Minions have many new spells, skills and weapons.
  • Summon spells can be bought in the shop or found in the dungeons.
  • Use new fish to change your pet permanently.

I. How to install:

  • Go to hidden folder %appdata%/Roaming/runic games/torchlight
  • Remove all massfiles, game saves and files inside /mods
  • Then extract "SoulVengeanceMod" to /mods
  • Start game and enjoy.

II. How to uninstall:

  • Delete "SoulVengeanceMod" from /mods

III. Known bugs:

  • Takes long-time for game engine to load mod first time. Just wait, don't panic. (Depends on your HDD/SSD)
  • Don't let your pets use summon spells!button 1
  • First use unsummon skill,before learn or unlearn any spell for minimize crash!

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So nice to see more mods for the game. Torchlight 1! almost 10 years anniversary for Torchlight 2.
Really nice re-textures for the monsters, and nice addition overall.
Thanks for the hard work!

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