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This is a list of sounds that my team is working on. These 3 packs will cover most of The Old Republic, some extra Clone Wars, and some extra Galactic Civil War units.

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I listed these units by the names that are given for the models you can find & download. The Extra sounds have already been finished or are being worked on, thus why we are giving them out with these packs. If some get finished early, I might change them around. I am also currently looking into the units from the Rise of the Mandalorians Mod to see if there are any other Mando units I need to add to the list.

Note: If you don't see a unit on the list and there is a model with skin available, let me know. Other than that, until a model is created, I will not bother making sounds for a character or unit.

TOR Sound Pack 1

Old Republic:
Aurek Fighter Squadron (This will include new engin sounds)
Chela Fighter Squadron (This will include new engin sounds)
Inexpugnable Cruiser
Saul Karath & the Courageous (This is a alternate voice for the Inexpugnable)
Hammerhead Cruiser
Praetorian Frigate
Forey Corvette
Paladin Destroyer
Leviathan destroyer (with interdictor dialog)
Centurion Destroyer
Republic Dreadnaught (Not the same Dreadnaught from RaW)
Defender Corvette (This will include both pilot and jedi dialog together)
Thunderclap Assault Craft (This will include both pilot and jedi dialog together)
2 different Male Jedi Master sets of dialog
2 different Male Jedi Knight & Jedi Padawan sets of dialog
Ministry Shuttlecraft (Space dialog only)
Quartermaster Supply Carrier
Republic Lander

Princess Leia
Lando Calrissian
Dash Rendar (This will include dialog for the Outrider)
Extra dialog for Darth Vader
Ahsoka Tano

TOR Sound Pack 2

Sith Empire:
Sith Fighter Squadron (This will include new engin sounds)
Sith Assault Squadron
Sith Bomber Squadron (This will include new engin sounds)
Assassin Corvette
Sith Frigate
Sith Destroyer
Derriphan Frigate
Darth Revan (This will include dialog for the Ebon Hawk)
Darth Malak
Darth Nilihus (This will include dialog for the Ravager-Centurtion Class Destroyer)
Darth Malgus
3 different Male Sith Lord sets of dialog
2 different Sith Acolyte & Sith Apprentice sets of dialog
Sith Lander
Sith Soldier (Infantry)

Prince Xizor
Dialog for each member of Red Squadron
Dialog for each member of Rogue Squadron
Eta-3 Fighter
Cutlass-9 Fighter (Non-Saesee Tiin)
Trireme Corvette

TOR Sound pack 3:

Mandalorian Armada:
Davaab fighter Squadron
Dagger Starfighter
Morningstar A Starfighter
Morningstar B Starfighter/ Bomber
Mandalorian Cruiser 1 & 2
Kyramud cruiser
Jehavey Frigate
Mandalorian Tank
Mandalorian Speeder Bike
Mandalorian Neocrusader
Mandalorian Infantry (This is being looked into to find out which types have models for the game)
Teroch Gunship
Basilisk (Space and Land dialog will be included)
Old Republic & Sith Empire structure & station dialog
Female Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, & Jedi Padawan dialog
Female Sith Lord & Sith Apprentice dialog
HK-47 and the HK-50 droids

Mandalorian Carrier
General Madine
Extra dialog for General Dodonna
Extra dialog for Mon Mothma
Extra Rebel and Imperial structure & station dialog
Victory 2 Class Frigate
Seismic Tank
Trandoshan Transport

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