Tomorrow is the release of Demo 0.0.5, no matter how disappointed I am with it.

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I decided to say "F**k it, I'm releasing the next build tomorrow."
Reason being:
I'm going up north for a weekend, and I promised this weekend for an update.
So tomorrow a LOT of work is going to be put in and then released Thursday night.
I won't be able to add an intro, sadly.
I AM changing the title screen's layout and TRYING to change so that the doors say "Press Ctrl" to open doors.
If I can't change it the control will be enter.
And just in case no one reads this, I'll add a readme.
I swear if anyone doesn't read that..
But, regardless.
Things that will be in tomorrow:
+Bigger level
+More rooms/Areas
+Another Weapon at least
+Another Monster
+Every room will have something, some may not be useful however
+A different ending song, one that's slightly more dramatic (Maybe)
+Different Spawning area
+Gun right when you leave spawn room (If you don't notice it, facepalm yourself. Just kidding, but seriously, it'll be on the shelf literally right outside the spawn.)
+More disturbing content
+A radio trigger that tells you what mutation is what in each room you find one (Not entirely finished though, only what the monster is and etc., must walk up to the radio in the room to hear it.)
+Little odds and ends I don't tell you about.
The stuff that won't be in I won't bother telling you because it's simple stuff I add to the next build after this.
Hopefully you guys will enjoy this.

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