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Time Travel in MMO history. We are relaunching our original project as A Endor Reborn server.

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Greetings Travellers,

ESQ project is built on the extended experience of running a game called Endor that came online 2002 and it was based on Ultima Online emulator.

Answering the wishes of the Endor player base, we decided to add one more instance of the game, called Endor Reborn.
It is a thing very close to our heart, so please excuse this small off topic and allow us to invite you to the new instance opening, which is planned on 25Friday .5.2018 20:00 Central European Time.

You’ll have to wait a bit more for beta test of ESQ, but rules of the game, classes and to some extent the landscape, albeit in 2D, is available for you to see in Endor Reborn.
That is, if you are willing to bear with old school graphics and a game, where nobody will hold your hand and you will have to discover a lot for yourself.

To start playing, you will need to take these steps:
• Register your account on
• Download and run and follow the instructions.

Go to to get your news about Endor Reborn.

If you want more details about our Endor project, you can read all about it in this article:

Thank you for your support and if you are up to it, we’ll be excited to see you on Endor Reborn.

ESQ Team

Fotka uĹživatele El Somni Quas.
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