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One month away from the end of the "Hits Playtime" contest, it is now time for you to vote. Stalin said "We need you, tovarish!"

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Dear sheepers,

As you may know (assuming someone other than me is read this), the contest Hits Playtime is one month away from the end. From now on and until the 20th of June, people can vote for their preferred project. Only 10 projects, those with the most votes, will go to the next stage which is the vote of the jury composed from journalists, game professionals and others I can't remember. The next stage will last about a week, a week where the jury will choose winner.

That is why, WE NEED YOU!
Some hours after the beginning of the voting, the Sheep-Team is happy to see that lots of people like Sheep-Hit and that we are followed by many persons. For that we thank you, thank you for your support in this big adventure (^_^)-b

To vote for us, please to go our blog ( and click on "Votez" on the right side of the page.

The voting has been open for some hours now, and Sheep-Hit has made a great opening.
At this time, Sheep-Hit has more than 350 votes and counting. We are proud to have so many followers and thanks to them, they've put us at the first place for now. That doesn't mean anything since the winner won't be the one with the most votes, nevertheless the Sheep-Team has won much more knowing that people like our work.

Let me explain what we will be doing from now on. If you are one of those who follows us, you may know that we haven't been very active. The school year took us too much time: the year project plus some other smaller projects burned our free time.
One week from now, the Sheep-Team will graduate (thank you, thank you) and so we will have all the time in the world to work for Sheep-Hit full time, hoping to release a new version of the game as soon as possible. Our goal will be the Beta version, that is all gameplay with bugs as a bonus :)

That being said, we wish good luck to all participants!
Find them here:

PS: And yes, in '62 Stalin was already gone. But if he was still alive at that time, I'm sure that would be what we would have said.

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