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A quick shoutout to the IndieDB community and an introduction of ourselves.

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A little introduction to get things started

Hey Guys!

Yesterday we finally entered our project on IndieDB and it seems to be long overdue. I am getting a really good vibe here and look forward to take this journey with you.

The Back Story

In early 2012 Patrick, founder of Fjord Games, realized that he wanted to pursue his goal of becoming a game developer. At the time his brother Marcel Zons lead a game project during his own academic studies. This project, initiated by a couple of students at the Flensburg University of applied sciences, was planned to continue in a commercial direction after the team members graduated. Working on this project as an illustrator was Hjalmar Boulouednine.

As it happens every so often, these plans fizzled out. Marcel went on to work as a game designer for a major company. Nonetheless, Hjalmar and Patrick decided to pursue their goal and start a project on their own. Marcel was happy to help out his friend and brother in his spare time to get things off of the ground.

Months of planning followed, game designs were developed, prototyped and discarded. The trio needed a project which could be completed by few people, but still offered the engaging gameplay experience they wanted to create. Finally Marcel came up with the concept for a collectible card game and the idea took off.

A couple of weeks later, the core design was locked in, the artistic direction and the game setting were clear and a prototype was developed as a proof of concept. While developing the game, Patrick took an additional business start-up course to expand his knowledge in the field. Hjalmar started working on the screen design while writing his bachelor thesis.

After months of preparation, Fjord Games was finally founded in July of 2013 as an independent game company in the northernmost part of Germany. Fjord Games aims to reach the public through developing mid-core games with intriguing gameplay components for multiple platforms.

We believe that browser and mobile games with social aspects have to offer more than sharing virtual livestock on facebook. Our games want to offer a complex and entertaining experience without expecting our players to spend many hours per day just to be competitive.

So, whats next?

We are going to fill our small little corner of IndieDB with lots of details and content about our game and we would love to hear your thoughts about every single bit of it. Let's have a great time and create great games.

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