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The story of our Winter Solstice mod, read it fully, and tell me what you think

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WarCraft 3 Winter Solstice:

The story

Mission 1: Tiberion is a strong adult human. However, he has been a slave for as long as he can remember. Together with him, is his friend he has always known: Elias. They have tried to escape numerous times, but haven't succeeded so far. The Ogre Warlord, Karoloch and his group of bandits, called The Karoloch bandits, control a giant secret gold mine in a cave. They order Tiberion and other slaves to mine the ore, but all they can do is mine big chunks of ore, they don't get the proper gold. Even though the bandits are well armed, from inside the caves, some hear terrifying sounds... and one day, two slaves are missing.

[mission script] Player starts of after this short introduction. Player controls Tiberion and some other slaves. They are mining gold. The "allied" bandits are around, guarding the slaves. then, suddenly, out of nowhere some sort of beasts apear, like ghouls, or some other undead creature and you need to defend yourself. Doing this, the player is assigned to transport the ore to the cart, outside of the cave. along the way to the exit of the cave, he is attacked some more by some weird creatures. Once all gold is loaded onto the wagon, the mission ends. This level only consists of the large cave-tunnels and the gold mines here and there, aw well as a very little spot outside of the cave, where there's some sort of cart, to load gold on.

Mission 2: Now, in order to gain profit of their gold, the bandits set out, with their gold ore, and go to a nearby dwarven village. Here, they hope to enlist some help, for extracting the gold from the ore. They brought some ore already, and they have it heavily guarded in a wagon.

Now, they encamped a bit outside of the village, and a few men went into the village to ask for help. when they came back, they said that the dwarf Eindrin and his brothers are willing to help. They told the bandits to go to a nearby valley, where the dwarves have a smithy, where the ore will be melted.

The bandits agree, and, suspecting no evil, the entire group moves to the valley. Once there, they find the dwarves, and they indeed have a smithy. The dwarves and bandits work together for a bit, and they make good quality gold bars. After splitting the gold between dwarves and bandits, the bandits go back to the cave, peacefully... the player goes along, expecting an attack any minute, but no one attacks them. When you get into the cave, the mission ends. This map consists of: the cave entrance, (no longer the entire cave system), the nice dwarven village (this should look really good right now, since i have plans to get this under attack some time later....) then there's the valley with the blacksmith, and there's also a big lot of land left, with bandits, monsters and stuff.

Mission 3: Night scene: Tiberion has been allowed some rest, and is sitting with fellow slaves around a campfire. At that time, they hear weapons bashing. Grabbing pickaxes and shovels, thats when the mission starts. slaves move out towards the battle, and encounter a big group of dwarves, fighting the bandits. Now the player has a choice: either he attacks the bandits in the back, and helps the dwarves, which will lead to Tiberion being free, or he could attack the dwarves, and maybe, the bandits will let Tiberion go... Either way, the side the player helps, wins.
I) Attack no one, in which case the bandits will win, though barely, at that point, the player will choose between option IV and V, in which case, he will probably choose option IV, since there's only like one or two bandits left.
II) When fighting with the dwarves: the player becomes good friends with them, and together they mine all the ore that is to be had in the cave, and they set out, together, to the village, where they would split the loot., player is now in the -A- storyline
III) When fighting against the dwarves: the bandits agree to let the slaves go, if they take nothing with them. At that point, the player can still decide to:
* IV) Attack the bandits, which, when played well, he could win (since the dwarves killed many bandits). If this option is chosen, the player gains better armor, weapons, gains the gold bars.... player is in the -B- storyline
* V) Go away peacefully: You leave with nothing but your clothes, but the bandits will leave you alone, you won't need to fight them. Player is in the -C- storyline. This map is just the same cave system as in mission 1

Mission 4: (-A- storyline)
Tiberion, Elias, and the other slaves, who are no longer slaves, and have gained good weapons and armor, go along with the dwarves.
on the way to the town, the party may be attacked by wild animals.
The player just arrived in the town, when a messenger runs up to the dwarven commander. He tells them that a war has broken out against (...?... some monsters or something...) and that all available dwarven soldiers are being summoned. Then the commander asks you if you would join him. The player has the choice to, obviously: join him, or don't. If you join him, mission 7a starts, if you don't, you stay in mission 4 a bit longer: the player then goes to the village elder, who tells you that you should really join the war, because fame, glory and gold await. At this point, the player could go solo (and later having to choose an ally still) or could join the dwarves again. Joining the dwarves, leads to mission 7a, going solo also leads to mission 7b, which has a different intro movie, compared to 7a. map = the same "dwarven" village as in mission 2

Mission 5: ( -B- storyline)

Basically the same as mission 4, only difference is that the player now doesn't come in with the dwarves, and has to pay the gate guard a fee to get into the village. Once in, everyone is running around, making ready to go to war. The village elder talks to the player again, and he says the same thing: you should join the war. At this point, the player can't join the dwarves (since they are dead), so 7b storyline begins. (dwarven village)

Mission 6: (-C- Storyline)

Pretty much entirely the same as mission 5 & 6, only difference is that the player will now find a trade caravan, which will be under attack by those bandits. player advances to 7b (dwarven village)

Mission 7a: (when joining the dwarves)

Intro cutscene: dwarven commander suggests that you split up. The dwarven party moves along a northerneastern path, while you and your party moves along the northwestern path. ~~~ now it's basically just mission 7

Mission 7b: intro cutscene: Tiberion and Elias decide to take the northwestern path. ~~~ now it's basically just mission 7

Mission 7: Tiberion is moving through a forest, when he has to stop, because loads of trees are blocking his path. however, a warrior of his party spotted a small path. They follow along this path, and stumble upon a village of Night Elves. When they get spotted, the night elves immediatly see that Tiberion and his small group are not a threat to them. They get welcomed. The player asks if there is another path, around the blocked one, or if the trees could be moved somehow. One of the Night elf hunters, a female: Doreen, She talks to Tiberion, and tells him that there is indeed another path, but it is haunted, and very dangerous. Or, the player could help the elves first, and then they would help the player move the trees. Whichever choice is chosen, the player has to go to the haunted path.
* Helping the elves leads to: instead of taking the path, that would lead him to where he needs to go, when helping the elves, he will go into a cave, which holds a shrine, which must be destroyed, in order to stop more monsters from apearing. When it is destroyed, the elves will do a spell, and the path is cleared. also, Doreen will join you! Player advances to mission 8.
* Going your own path just has the player going through a long, haunted path, where he must skillfully kill a bunch of undead/ monsters .... ( a large forest, with the above mentioned blocked path, the elven village, the haunted path, and ending with a short part, of where the player exits the forest.

Mission 8: Tiberion arrives at the battlegrounds, where he is sent to the king of humans. (Or the dwarven king, if he sided with the dwarves). He gives him quests and missions, which will take Tiberion on a grand campaign.
Now, one problem is, Tiberion and the few surviving slaves can't do much against a giant horde of enemies. Therefore, the king grants a company of soldiers to Tiberion. (either dwarves or humans, a mixed group of infantry, cavalry and archers combined) Together, they set out on the mission that the king gave them, which sounds simple enough: go to the nearby human village and rop off a few crates of supplies for the poor villagers. (on the way the player can be attacked...) upon arriving at the "village" all the player finds is burning houses and dead bodies. When Tiberion wanted to start investigating, everyone hears screams coming from not far away. everyone rushes towards the screams, and it seems that there is a mage on top of a cliff, trying to defend herself and a handfull of remaining villagers. A few of these villagers have managed to get a bow, and are shooting at the monsters, who are trying to get to them. Tiberion rushes to the people's aid, and saves them. Just as the villagers get off the rocks, and the woman, Gillian, is thanking Tiberion, one of your soldiers shouts, and you need to get ready for battle once again, because another group of monsters attack you. with the help of the apperantly skillfull archers and the mage, you defeat the enemies. Upon returning to the village, A pretty large group of people, of all races, have gathered. Tiberion can then suggest to:
* Give the village the supplies, so they can rebuild,
* Ask villagers who can fight to join you, and leave with all supplies
* do a mix of both (reccomended) ==> leave half of the supplies to get some to rebuild the village, take the rest of the suplies and the strongest villagers, including GIllian, to join you.
Whatever option is chosen, the player needs to head back to the allied encampement, and inform the king. Along the way something happens: either the brother of: Gillian (if she is with you) or Doreen (if Gillian is not with you) or Elias (if neither of the girls are with you) shows up, with some other people. the person whos brother arrived, runs up to him, and they start talking. However, suddenly (it's night) clouds move in the sky, and the full moon shows.

The brother and his fellows transform into monsterse (preferably werewolves, if possible) After that, loud laughter is heard, and a couple of evil mages show up. Their leader, an orc named Schrumble, says: give the pretty ladies (you always have some, even if you don't have Doreen or Gillian, you have some female warriors) and every other valuable item you have, or you won't escape alive! Upon saying that, he does some sort of spell (don't know what is possible) Ofcourse, the player has no choice but to fight back (duh!) so the player wins, BUT one of your companions will be hurt! (again, Gillian, Doreen or Elias, depending on which one is with you)
So, the player must bring her (him) to safety. This leads one of your best soldiers uncapable to fight, and needs to be protected, untill you reach the safety of the encampemen. In the ending cutscene, (if its Gillian or Doreen you saved) The player gets invited into her tent, and the screen blackens out.... end of mission 8 (boy, that was a long one :P )
so, what we need here, is: the king's encampment and a destroyed, burning human village, with a nearby cliff.


Very good with all the variants of the story!

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That's a very good story :)

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lol action in the tent !

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Lol YEs i wonder whi started it in the Tent probally Her but what about Elias what about her? Dont she give you a kiss or so bu i dont know i wish we could take all three with you or atleast to well looks like i will have to save alot here.

(Back till monday)

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Superjeno Author

thank you, everyone =) yes, you could have both girls, and Elias is with you at all times, but ofcourse, if the player would join one of the girls in her tent, the other wouldn't like that ;-)
A little romance is always interesting =D

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