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A mod project/sketch for S2, which would be set in C&C3 Tiberian Universe (with the tech around 2055-2060).

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For those of you who don't know: Savage 2 is a FREE game joining RTS, FPS and RPG/TPP together in one masterpiece.
If you know Renegade, it's basically the same, except, there are two commanders (yes, COMMANDERS, as in the title of C&C!) who see everything from RTS viewpoint, and two teams, which members see everything from TPP(when melee weapon is out) or FPS(when ranged weapon is chosen) point of view.
And, instead of having pre-built buildings, like in Renegade, Savage 2 supports full commander's building of... well, buildings!

The mod would feature:
7 different types of characters
GDI: Combat Engineer, Recon Trooper, Rifleman, Sniper, Zone Trooper, Wolverine anti-infantry mech, Titan anti-armor mech
Nod: Priest, Monk, Believer, Disciple, Executioner, Exorcist flame tank, Missionary siege mech
Scrin: Assimilator, Ravager, Disintegrator, Devourer, Destroyer, Corrupter, Annihilator Tripod
[They all follow +/- GDI character function scheme (so e.g. Nod Disciple would be a Nod sniper).]

A different style of playing and commanding:
Mains: The main ones will be a lot tougher, heavier-armored, higher (taller) and providing all the necessary men and equipment on the battlegrounds.
Tech: whereas e.g. GDI armory will have very low hit points and be dirt cheap, higher-tech buildings will have much more hps than regular Savage 2 tech buildings, making them much less vulnerable to being destroyed.
Base defenses: hmm, if you played S2, you know that you can build only one type of a tower in a large radius. Well, it will be totally different in this mod. You can place as many base defenses as you like... but remember that bds will be a bit more expensive, so turtling will mean a tech underdevelopment... or a base being a well-protected bitchy tough fortress.
When S2 is mainly melee encounters, the mod will focus on range combat. It doesn't mean that the melee weapons will be overlooked! No, they will be even more powerful. If you ever reach your enemy...
If the engine and the team will allow it, there will be as many skills as in original S2, but there will be a bit different (read the next passages to know more).
Characters and their functions:
S2 has a structure of characters something like this: a builder type character, a scout, a warrior, a better warrior, a healer, two types of sieges.
The mod probably will have: a builder AND a healer type character (Combat Engineer, Priest, Assimilator), a scout, an average (& mostly anti-infantry) trooper, a higher tech scout (sniper), a higher tech siege trooper for destroying vehicles or buildings, an anti-infantry and anti-building vehicle, and an anti-armor(vehicle/building) mech (or monster ;-P if you mean Tripod).
All builder type units should and will have shield generators, ammo depots, and heal abilities.
Just imagine all these implants, increasing your speed or hps!
S2 has 3 types of heal potions, 1 slow and vulnerable to any interruption, 2 instant ones, which you're unable to use if you're hit, poisoned or hurt a while ago. The mod will have: 2 instant painkillers, not depending on damage one received, and 1 slow one: a first-aid kit, which would slowly heal you (the player) to the fullest if not interrupted/damaged by opponents.
Hmmm, it would be very awesome to be able to have entirely different skins of troops when they're armored. And yes, 2 armors (which are accessible in vanilla S2) very probably will give much more hps or armor points than in standard S2.
Mana will become action points, the block ability will be removed, and charge will become acceleration (practically the same).
Commander's spells:
Well, not defined yet. Probably a spysat view instead of a reveal power, but others... others will be hard to replace unless e.g. building upgrades are possible. Hmm, also maybe EMP blast (affecting only vehicles and maybe heavy troops) could be achievable.
Tiberian units:
Yes... hellbourne and hellshrine will be replaced with a new kind of supersoldiers.
This is a secret for now, but you can know that tiberian units will have very very very fast regeneration rate, and will be faster and more melee/scout-oriented.

It's just a sketch, but some of the particular character skills/abilities are already thought over. :-)

People needed:
Modellers and animators, but probably we'll use some of C&C3 models, but 1) heavily modified, 2) with totally different textures, e.g. GDI soldiers more alike TS times, or even more similar to C&C4 units (no C&C3 'bright' looks of GDI anyway ;-P). Buildings will require much more work from modellers than actual infantry units.
Texturers. As above mentioned, new textures for units will be very precious.
Concept artists.
Various FX specialists.
Voice artists, music/soundtrack makers, maybe even people knowing how to remix or morph sounds (for e.g. EVA voices).
Mappers experienced in scriptwork.
S2/K2 engine experts.
Who more is needed? Ah! One of the most admirable people, even if it is easy enough: server providers. First for a 10/20 players hidden or passworded beta server, then for 20-30 players public servers, presumably 3 (1: GDI vs Nod, 2: GDI vs Scrin, 3: Scrin vs Nod).
You feel a strong need to help? PM!

General info about modding S2 (i.e. basic S2 modding tutorial)

The first aim/plan is to make a GDI vs Nod mod, then Scrin faction!

You disagree with anything presented? Feel free to comment and have your say. ;-)
The name for the mod could be Tiberian Ocean, maybe it isn't taken yet... O_o Maybe something else. Innovative ideas and names are welcome!


Great idea! i love it! good work on it. i'll be watching it.

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nice idea would love to see how this works out:)

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Sounds great.
Too bad that I'm only able to test it for you. I'm not able to do the things you've listed above.

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can't wait to see this as a running mod :)

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feillyne Author


Hmmm, looks like it'd be a hard to make the mod (2 great modellers turned down the offer due to a lack of time). And probably I will have to be a coder, and a K2 researcher myself.

You can always help by hinting about the project any of the people mentioned. That's help too, even if indirect one! :-)

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