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Hello, everyone! Today’s update is not about mod itself, but more about the process of making it.

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About Dev Team:

Our team members devote more and more time to personal goals and problems. This is not a bad thing, we have never had a goal to force someone to work against their will, especially in difficult situations. We are still students, so one of our main goals is to pass exams. Nevertheless, in this atmosphere, it seems to us, it’s important not to lose inspiration, because it may well serve as a good motivator to study more. Now let's quickly run through our current development course.

Development course:

To begin with, we have started making the third chapter. Messing with the interior and models is much more pleasant than fixing bugs and building logic, it helps to relax after school, while maintaining the trend of project development. Already now we can say that the design of the 3rd chapter will not be similar to the previous chapter, nor to any other styles created by fans. We are always on the lookout for something amazing and unique, so now new style is being created behind the scenes of development that you probably least expect to see in P2 mod.

What to expext from us in future:

About media updates. Our logic “new update every two months in discord" is probably already understood by everyone. Following this pattern, our next post should be in late April – early May. It probably won't be posted. Firstly, there is not enough content that can be shown. Secondly, exams...

This time the media update turned out to be quite small. Every day there is less spare time, but we promise that when this routine is over, we will show you something intriguing.
Have a great day! :D

Musie_(MyCbEH) - - 234 comments

Nice news, glad to see progress in development.

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Viflame Author
Viflame - - 11 comments


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SomeoneFromAbyss - - 1 comments

in original title of article sounded more colorful, I think. now it sounds like someone was resurrected at a funeral, it was possible to find another word, something closer to "you're dead". but who am I to judge lol

in general good luck to developers, we're not waiting but preparing

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