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This weeks Featured Video is Tryst, by BlueGiant Interactive.

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Every week we change our Background & Featured Video to the one we think deserves to be there, sometimes it may be a brand new game/mod and sometimes it may be an older one.

The game/mod that is Featured will need to either be Brand New, or have a steady playerbase.


Tryst is a competitive Real Time Strategy Game that aims to provide a unique spin to the established strategy model that combines player choice with unit customization. Guide reluctant Overseer Oliver Petrovich and Rebel leader Aeryn Ozarr through the campaign where they witness the war breakout and fight their way through the madness to try and understand the cause of the sudden hostilities. What both have yet to realize is that they’re witnessing history, creating it, and somewhere down the line a tryst with destiny awaits. Or else, wade into multiplayer as either the Ishtonian Alliance or the Zali, fighting for control over resources while trying to outwit your opponent and survive the worst Ishtonia can throw at you. Unique Character Abilities and Upgrades – Every unit in Tryst comes with its own unique set of abilities and upgrades to choose from. Competitive RTS Multiplayer – Supports upto 8 players with score tracking.



Nice work, as always. :D

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MiniDude Author

Ty kindly :)

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Yeah good video =)

as always.

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