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A rant about crafting and other things in the next update.

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Sometime this week there will be a new update that includes a new gameplay element. Namely, crafting. Yep. Ever since a certain indie game became hugely popular, now all us indie devs feel obligated to add crafting. (Here's a hint. The game involves mining, and the word "craft" is in the name). But no way am I going to make this crafting easy. Oh, no. You want crafting, you have to suffer for it. I mean that, when you acquire a peanut butter jelly sammich, and you want to cut that sammich in half with a knife, there will be a failure chance. A chance that you will accidentally cut the sammich into sevenths, ruining it and crashing the game (lol jk about the crashing part). But anyway, yeah. Crafting will definitely have it's advantages, but there's some risk too. Oh, and you need this rare magical material called "Duk Tape" for the best crafting combos. So all of you can have fun with that.

In other news, I got my NES USB controllers in the mail today. They were an excellent deal, $25 for 4 on Amazon. However I realized that people including myself might want to customize their buttons. Consider it done. Well, it's not done yet, but mostly. Actually it kind of works right now but controller three tends to not work. Nevermind about that though, I'm sure I'll get it worked out.

I also equalized the sound effects, because a game isn't official until someone does a let's play, and I found that someone, and that someone said that the game noise was really loud. So now, the game is a bit easier on the ears. I also added a new track for the between-floor screen, written by me, guest starring Dave Grohl on drums, Matthew Bellamy on vocals, Jimi Hendrix on guitar, and Flea on bass*. It's a catchy tune, if a bit repetitive.

So that ends my rant. Has anyone even beat my game yet? Heck I only have 10 downloads, and most of those are mine or the dev team's. Hmm...


*not really. Here's a cat gif to ease your disappointment though.

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