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I'm trying. Art school + art job = very little free time, even less of which I want to spend on more art.

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I wasn't really expecting it but this has a decent amount of watchers, so I figured now that it's December (holy shit time flies) I should probably let people know of the status of this mod since there hasn't been an update since September. Keeping this simple-

-I'm super busy with college right now
-I'm also super busy with an actual pixel art job, which I need to pay off student loans and feed myself
-I still want to finish this mod

The semester is ending in a week, if things are chill enough with the job after that then I might have an actual amount of time to spend on this. I knew it would be a marathon to the end but it looks like it might be worse than I expected now that I have actual work I'm committed to. If you're looking forward to the complete mod I won't tell you to stop, but you'll probably have to be really patient. At the very least I'll try to have a decent update out by the time the spring semester starts. And thanks to everyone who's used the mod/given feedback/whatever, that's probably the biggest motivation to keep it going.

Orac| - - 896 comments

It does all look rather pretty.

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dateryu - - 8 comments

Dude, take all the time you need and don't feel guilty about it.

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Guest - - 695,552 comments

How's it going, mate? Through college?

You know, the game is great, but would be thrice as great with those visuals of yours.

Would be really nice to see updates for AE and all finished crafts (and possibly CE as most of the veterans play it already)...

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