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This Merchant Life has hit Early Access and is now available to purchase on Steam.

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This Merchant Life is a trading strategy game where you trade, travel and get involved in lots of crazy adventures in your quest to establish the pre-eminent merchant's guild in the kingdom!


Key Features

  • Buy and sell goods across an array of towns and cities with dynamic prices
  • Recruit mercenaries and heroes to help protect your caravan as you travel the bandit-haunted roads
  • Upgrade your trade cart and horses to improve speed, carrying capacity and more
  • Make decisions across a wide variety of randomised events in choose your own adventure style
  • Command your mercenary protectors in turn-based battles against wild animals, hostile people and worse
  • Complete missions to earn coins and reputation
  • Unlock useful skills through leveling your character
  • Gain reputation and bonuses through funding projects and constructions within each settlement
  • Meet monthly goals and establish a set of guild houses across the kingdom

Merchant 3

Coming Next

The next set of updates will add:

  • Character traits that develop based on your actions in events and can unlock special actions
  • Additional music
  • More random events

Merchant 4

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