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ok i been fucken busy over the last 2 months so i haven't had much time for my groups

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Ok i'm going to try and make this group come but make stay back and houseful be big to stay running by its self without people me posting pictures all the time houseful i'm going to get lots more member's so they can post and people will not know i'm missing xD

well i'm starting tech on the 19th of next moth that as well as night shift will stop me coming to moddb as much as i have been, so what i'm going to do will all my groups is try and get there numbers up so they come life without me for a bit

I'm looking for a new header and preview picture thing, of some one can make one of these, i will give them a job as a manager

some plans

to get this rank be ACTIVE rank of Contributor to get this rank you have to do things like comment on the pictures around, post comment on the news and comment on the main page you can lose this rank if you do don't post news or pictures because this rank gets to post news and pictures and comment you don't have to do all 3 just can just comment if you want, you can lose this rank if you do none of these in 2weeks how hard is it to post one picture or one price or new a week not that hard.and what that rank can also do you is once a month vote a manager down, like the contributor post more meaningful comment for better news then a manager what the contributor does then is post new say he thinks he would be a better manager then the other guy and if both leaders say its good the vote is on the voting will last a month at the end of that month if the contributor as more votes then the manager hes the new manager(only one Contributor can do this monthly so if a second one post to late his news will be delete), there will be no voting for this month as its your first monthWith this is place it gives all members a far way to get to be a manager


i will search for a new header and preview picture.

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Have you revived it yet. :)

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