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Alpha 2.6 has been released. This is mostly a re-balancing and minor improvements update.

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Alpha 2.6 has been released. This is mostly a re-balancing and minor improvements update.

Now your business supervisors can auto-buy materials to the amount you set at the start of each week, as long as you have the money to afford it.

I also noticed that not many people bother to change their default business theme with Cans Of Paint, so each business will get its own colour theme now. You can still repaint it yourself if you don't like the new defaults.

A useful addition for education is a new Teaching Tutors home service, available from the Small House and above. When this service is active, a part of your degree or diploma will be completed automatically at the end of each week. This costs quite a bit of money, but it helps automate the studying process for those who can afford it. I would suggest unsubscribing when the academic term is not running, otherwise you are just wasting money!

Alpha 2.6 Change log:

  • Added freelance business supervisor auto-buying materials option
  • Added Teaching Tutors home service to Small House and above
  • Reduced auction fee from 5% to 3%
  • Reduced effectiveness of electric scooter and small car
  • Changed spouse income from Misc Income to Family Income
  • Tweaked travel time modifier calculation
  • Added travel time modifier display
  • Workers no longer quit when you can't afford wages, debt added instead
  • Need to pay two week's wages when firing employees
  • Finished moving 99% of English into data files
  • Added default freelance business themes
  • Fixed education tooltip not displaying whether semester-only studying
  • Slightly reduced average date time
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