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Corrections with the game's information and a short look into making Swimmer.

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This was the first game I made in my first semester at school. My kid likes it, I think its actually pretty fun. The information is incorrect now. The website provided no longer exists. If you need to contact someone about the game, send me a message here. Thanks!

In making this game, I had not played many games since the NES system back in the early 90's, so this is where I was coming from. The game was part of a project and was my first time using any of the programs used. The night before it was to be presented, I came to realize the version of GM I had on my pc was corrupted and the file would only play on my home machine. So, I did what anyone in my position would do. I went out to the store, bought a bottle of Wild Turkey 101, came home and spent all night reprogramming and reanimating what I barely had a grasp on how I did what to begin with.

All in all, I got it running and made the presentation and good times were had by all. The end.

One note: On the second note in the game, there is no button push direction. Press the 'enter' key to advance to level 1.

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