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Yes! the third level is almost complete! :D that means it's almost half-way until the demo release!

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The third level links back to the end of the first level where you are at the top of the stairwell which breaks under you, and also you are in "uhh... the water-works, that's good to know...". The third level is the last level in the first chapter as the first chapter just opens the game up and explains the situation to you, there is minimal fighting in it and very simple-to-solve puzzles, It basically holds your hand and guides you through the first few concepts to the mod.

In the third level, however, there is a stronger feel of evil as you come face to face with the horror of the zombies that are present in the mines, also it is more eerie and dark, also a nice action sequence where Iremn opens the doors to your salvation, which in turn opens the door which keep the zombies out, and the zombies chase you. Also at the end of the level there is the second puzzle which you need to do different actions to open the heavy door to the fourth level.
There is another piece of the puzzle about the story that is fitted into place by Iremn to do with the "things" that are lurking in the mines and what they really are, but how they became them.. you'll have to find out as I don't know yet! :S

Also, If you do read this news post, please tell me, would you like me to set up a forum so you can post ideas on what I should include in the mod or what you would like to see in the mod?
Only serious comments though please :)

Until next time! :D

Thank you


Very good ideas, I cant wait.

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Sounds great, I love he dedication you have to completing the mod and the ideas present. And a forum is a great plan IMO, the more ideas the better.

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