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The team is looking for new arrivals to help and work with us!

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TheDragonTeam is still looing for designers to come and join us.
If you didn't hear about us, so it's about time...

Who Are We?
The DragonTeam is a small group of designers from all around the world (TDT-United).
We are working together to help each other out with its project and even making
team projects - for example 'Cry Or Die: Source'.
Out motto is to achieve our costumers needs and to give him the BEST results we can.
We are supposed to be around 10 designers -
NO region, religion or any other categorizing!
Like the song "We Are The People" its about "We Are The Desginers".

The Team Leader
The 'leader' of this team, the Alpha member of it... called...
That says it all, isn't it?
NO it isn't.
TDT-Alpha is a young designer (96') with alot of charisma and alot of designing experience
though he's so young.
He's an Auto-Deduct and he's a Person - A Human not jsut a designer.
So, that's our 'leader'.

Our Goals
It is right that we have bussiness-type goals but it isn't right that these are our only goals.
We are working FOR THE COSTUMER.
We need to achieve his\her toughts into a piece of art.
That's our first and last thoughts!
More than that, we will work on small and big projects, eg. Game Mods, Short\Long Movies, and more!
We also will make our website by 'intergrating' all of our talents and knowledge to get the best result.

Contact Us
Our website (needs to be updated at the time)
On Skype: TDT-Alpha

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