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Status update, and short term plans for the future.

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Well, folks, it's been a long few months. I'm not exactly sure where to begin. As some of you may have heard, Epic Proportions Studios has recently lost one of it's founding members. James Kretschmar, known as Were, passed away late in July. So needless to say, it's been hard for us to think about working on a project in which he was so integral.

I can't tell you if we'll ever as a group come back to working on this project, but I can tell you that in the coming weeks I personally will add all the intended Tier I ship classes and all of the conceptualized Tier II+ ship classes (in various textured states) into the mod, add a few systems, and release it as a combined 'FL Halo Mod SDK' and weekend arena server. I will personally host occasional weekend events when I can so that those long standing fans of Freelancer Newtonian combat can have their fun.

Serenissima, one of our primary Role Play designers, also intends to host RP events within the modification as well. So if you're interested, information will be made available through his MSN/email contact, serenissima.republica AT

That's all I have for you now, I'll update this page as things develop.

Thank you for your patience,

- Donato 'Anubis' Moscone, and the entire Epic Proportions Studios Team.


Wait Weredragon passed away? btw Anubis this is Artisen12 from FLCE

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Sadly yes.

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