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Let's go down to the numbers! and don't forget to vote for the game! ;)

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Sometimes it's hard to judge a game from few minutes of play. Here comes some help. Take note!

Kono island

Q: How many worlds in the game?
A: Seven, with forests, deserts, eternal snows.. a lot to explore.

Q: How many levels?
A: It's hard to list.. including all building interiors, more than 200.

Q: How many enemies?
A: More than 30.

Q: How many bosses?
A: 5 huge, menacing bosses!

Q: How many weapons?
A: 5 kinds of swords,5 kinds of bows/arrows.

Q: How many upgrades?
A: 20 life upgrades hidden around the 7 lands!

Q: How many...bits?
A: Looks like an 8 bit on steroids!

Q: How many hours of gameplay?
A: I've made some playthroughs in 12-15 hours. Having to find your way, at max difficulty, clearing all secrets and bonuses.. much more.

Q: How many.. dimensions?
A: It's all 2D baby!

Q: How many difficulty levels?
A: 3: from the hard core one called "1986" to the challenging but fair "1994" to the casual "2014"

Q: How many people in the team?
A: One. me. And a freelance musician.

Q: How many years in the making?
A: 4,5 years, and counting.

Q: How long to have it finished?
A: not much, see you at the beginning of 2014!

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