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The War to End all Wars


-? February 1864: Beginning of the Duchy War between Prussia and the Austrian Empire against Denmark and her possessions in Schleswig-Holstein.

-? October 1864: End of the Duchy War, the Austrian Empire and Prussia emerge victorious, Schleswig-Holstein is liberated and occupied by the victors.


-? June 1866: Beginning of the Austro-Prussian War.

-? August 1866: End of the Austro-Prussian War, Prussia emerges victorious.


-In 1870, the Second French Empire responded to the dispatch of Ems by declaring war on Prussia. The day after Austria-Hungary joins the war with the Second Empire to recover Silesia from Prussia. It will be the turn of Denmark early in 1871 to attack Prussia seeing it falter more and more in front of its enemies and wanting to recover its losses during the Duchy War.

-July 13, 1870: Dispatch of Ems, France enters the war.

-July 14, 1870: Austria-Hungary attacks Prussia to retake Silesia and joins France.

-September 1, 1870: Victory of Sedan, the Prussians retreat.

-End of 1870: The Franco-Prussian front is stabilizing beyond Alsace-Lorraine. Beginning of the Austro-Hungarian offensive in Silesia.


-January 19, 1871: Denmark returns to war alongside the Second Empire and Austria-Hungary.

-February 2, 1871: The Grand Duchy of Baden, the Grand Duchy of Hesse, the Kingdom of Württemberg and the Kingdom of Bavaria change sides and join the Franco-Austrian alliance.

-March 11, 1871: Denmark advances in Schleswig-Holstein, the city of Kiel is taken.

-May 27, 1871: Austria-Hungary recovers Silesia and advances even more deeply into Prussia. Prussia seeing the Austro-Hungarian troops approaching Berlin and the collapse of the Confederation of Northern Germany surrendered.

-April 6, 1871: Treaty of Berlin, the Confederation of North Germany is dissolved and Prussia must pay war indemnities. Saxony and Hanover become independent, the countries allied with the Second Empire and Austria-Hungary cover their pre-war territories, with the exception of the Palatinate which is to incorporate in the Rhineland, a puppet of the Second Empire. Denmark vassalizes Schleswig-Holstein thanks to its conquests. Finally, Austria-Hungary covers Silesia.

-April 7, 1871: Austria-Hungary stops its alliance with France.


-February 11, 1873: Proclamation by the Cortes of the First Spanish Republic.

-1873-1896: Great Depression.

-September 16th, 1873: end of the French occupation in Prussia.

-December 29, 1874: Bourbon Restoration.


-Beginning of rapprochement between the Second Empire and Italy, discussions around the Papal States.


-? June 1876: Thanks to the war indemnities of Prussia, the Second Empire bought the French and English shares in the Suez Canal.

-? July 1876: In response, the United Kingdom triggers the conquest of the Khedivate of Egypt, which first fruitful with the capture of Alexandria and Cairo become bogged down little by little.

-? October 1876: After the death of the commander-in-chief of the expedition, the nephew of Queen Victoria assassinated by a nationalist, the United Kingdom is forced to withdraw its troops out of Egypt and thus leaves the monopolies of trade in the region to the Second Empire.


-Treaty of Suez, France receives a large portion of territories around Suez in exchange for the recognition of the occupation of Berbera and these surroundings by Egypt.


-Djibouti becomes a French colony.


-France and Italy jointly attack Ethiopia and sign the beginning of their alliance.


-? November 1887: Creation of the Mapa Cor-de-Rosa project, supported by the Second Empire but without the agreement of the United Kingdom.


-Creation of the Italian colony of Ethiopia and the Tunis Agreement on Tunisia signed by Italy and the Second Empire.


-France is helping Egypt against the Mahdists who attacked Ethiopians out of revenge for the military access he had given to the Egyptians.

-? October 1892: Egypt gives up Berbera's territories against French military and financial aid.

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