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I add the first armies to the world map so the warfare may begin!

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The first armies have been added to the map, it may not be much, but it's a start. The very first army to be placed on the map, was the Grande Armee under French Control. The most important army in the scenario, as it begins the march towards Moscow.

The cool thing about Making History is that you can ask the question, "What if Napoleon's forces managed to take Moscow?" so if you play as France, you'll be doing everything you can to achieve victory, right? I'd suggest holding the Grande Armee back in western Poland for the time being, because when I add Russian forces, oh boy.

The Russians are going to have their strong and agile Cossack armies in southern Russia and Ukraine, as that is where the Cossacks originated. And their strong, but not so agile armies in the north, and central fronts, defending St. Petersburg, and Moscow. Made up mostly of Infantry and Artillery.

As for the United States, I haven't added anything yet, but their armies will be made up of Militiamen and Musketeers (Conscript Infantry, and Basic Infantry) and an occasional Rifleman division (Improved Infantry). The British won't have that good of a defensive, or offensive army deployed in Canada, so UK players must prepare for the worst if they've been neglecting defensive operations in Quebec.

As for Spain, I've only got around to adding their Homeland armies, but they will have some troops scattered about their vast colonial empire.

France, meh, they're about 85% done.

Russia, haven't got around to the,

Prussia, finished their army, thank go they're small. They've got 3 armies, Army of Konigsberg, Army of Berlin, and Grenztruppen.

I haven't got around to the Ottoman Empire or Austria either, but I will soon enough.

Also, in a gift of my graditude, I present to you a gift. These 3 droids (eh, we all need a Star Wars reference) just kidding, I instead present you with these 3 screenshots of the map, and what I've done with it today. Enjoi :D

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