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The new version is released! New fixes and changes are in it! Update as fast as possible!

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New fixes and changes are in this new version and the game is even more improved! I suggest that you update to this one as fast as possible, since few features in the first version of the mod didn't make the game balanced enough, and this one fixes it!

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Changelog of V1.01:

Global Spawn:
There are more rats coming out now
Ratmen come out of their sewers a bit later
Only single enemies will come out of the graveyard (the one which appears when a hero dies)

Stats Changes:
The Boss Ogre has less health and is less resistant to melee and ranged attacks but more resistant to magic attacks
Rat-King has less health but is more resistant to melee and less resistant to magic attacks
Rats and Ratmen are immune to poison
Few bosses (Vampire, Skeleton King and Rat-King) are immune to poison like they should be
Zombies have less health but have bigger resistance to melee and ranged attacks
Castles have MUCH more health
Vampires have bigger resistance to magic
All skeletons have balanced resistance
Decreased the amount of damage that Skeleton King delivers
Rebalanced the Amount of damage that some heroes deliver (Warrior, Ranger and Rouges especially!)
Decreased the Strength Rouges have
Paladins, Clerics, Agrella Priestesses and Dwarves have lower Stamina. (Endurance)
Guards have resistances now
Castles have bigger resistances to weapons now
Decreased the resistances in Temples to weapons now
Balanced the damage that the buildings get

Wizard costs 400 gold now

Fixed the Ice Mage Guild (supports 3 heroes now) (only works for those that have it)
Even more shrinked Health Bars
Fixed the Description and the Name of the Perk (Thanks goes to GrinN)
Increased the radius of the Fear Flag
Balanced production time for heroes (Rogues will spawn faster than Warriors for example)
The central panel doesn't automatically hide now.

AI of Ice Mage is reworked (only works for those that have it)
AI of Dark Priest (Krypta) is reworked
AI of the temple guy which is a ranger (has a temple) is reworked
AI of Priest (Agrela) is reworked

Randomizer: (Only works if Randomizer is turned on)
Increased the gold in chests
Much more decreased possibility to find armour or weapons in chests
Decreased possibility to find artefacts
Bigger possibility to find potions\elixirs

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Have fun!

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