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Is an attack on Iran being prepared by the US its allies?

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14 March 2010

heraldscotland wrote: Hundreds of powerful US “bunker-buster” bombs are being shipped from California to the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for a possible attack on Iran.

The full article here: wrote: The B-2 Shelters
In mid-September 2002 it was reported that the US had requested permission to build special shelters for four to six B-2 bombers at Diego Garcia. The portable climate-controlled shelters take about a month to erect. According to American Spaceframe Fabricators, the contractor that designed and constructed the B-2 Shelter System, two shelters had been constructed by late November and two additional structures would not be completed until June 2003 due to lack of existing concrete foundation. wrote: The mission of putting bombs on target almost 4,000 miles away in Afghanistan is comparable to flying from Chicago to Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Success falls on the backs of bomber and aerial refueling aircraft that commute together from the tropics to Afghanistan. Coalition aircraft at Diego Garcia dropped more ordnance on Taliban and Al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan than any other unit during the war on terror.

Info about the base in Diego Garcia, formerly Camp Justice, now Camp Thunder Cove1:
B2 Shelter System:

The American wing of Russia Today (YT video):

17 March 2010

The official website:

Also, one can take a look at how inhabitants from the island were expelled without any means or any help elsewhere. The British website supporting Chagos islanders:

1 wrote: Thunder Cove officially replaced Camp Justice as the new name of the Air Force housing area at the 40th Air Expeditionary Group in a renaming ceremony July 23.

An attack on Iran by Israel is also possible. Google is your friend. ;->
The thread on forums:


There is really a big chance to see it happening. But the consequences will be even worse than Iraqi invasion.
The USA is an idiot. It´s Just creating even more enemies!

(I don´t want to offend anybody, it´s just politics. And I have difficult to express what I think without diss something)

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