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We have build the new Sith Temple on Korriban for our honor and greatness!

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Sith Temple

Seviss Viaa of the Brotherhood of Darkness: "Although the Sith species were experienced builders of monumental architecture, they certainly benefite from the instruction of the Sith Lords."
A Sith Temple was a structure built by, or dedicated to, any of the various incarnations of the Sith.

This is The True Dark Force Temple...that will be our home from now! It is made from stones cuted using the Dark Force...Its full of Negative and Dark Force! It is the mightyest and tha biggest ever build!

Some detail from inside:

For the sculpute we have used the biggest Sith Arthist to ilustrate our fight with the Jedi!

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Prophets such as Lord Cronal created horrific Sithspawn such as Gorc, Pic, and mutated Noghri. The Temple served as an elementary training ground for many of the Emperor's dark side servants including Grand Admiral Nial Declann, and was the childhood home of Cronal's oft-abused daughter, Sariss. Following the rift between the Supreme Prophet Kadann and Darth Sidious, the Prophets abandoned Dromund Kaas and fled into hiding on Bosthirda. The Temple remained a place of the dark side, however, and it was within its walls that Kyle Katarn fell to the dark side. Mara Jade fought her way past Sithspawned Noghri and Vornskrs to redeem her Master, barely escaping the world alive.

Lordlar5 - - 48 comments

You Build This In Starwars Jka ?? if you dont build it in Starwars jka its cool really <<3 :)

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dumpydoodaa - - 1,141 comments

i came here looking for The True Sith Part One following on from The True Sith Part One (BETA).
Is it an old dead mod or is it being worked on?

P.S...why do u have a page here with no mods?

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